Kate Beckinsale Reportedly Likes Pete Davidson For This Very Understandable Reason

by Candice Jalili
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After being spotted canoodling after the Golden Globes in January, one surprising Hollywood maybe couple has been the talk of the town. Obviously I'm referring to Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson. But after a month of being linked together, how Does Kate Beckinsale reportedly feel about Pete Davidson?

Beckinsale is reportedly happy with her casual relationship with Davidson, and the 20-year age gap between them is just icing on the cake, a source told Us Weekly.

“Kate is a lot of fun and loves embracing her youthful side,” the source explained. “She’s always the life of the party and likes going out, dancing and hanging out around young people at hip places.”

Dating a younger dude is reportedly ideal for her. The insider added to Us Weekly that 45-year-old Beckinsale is “very confident in her skin and is all about having a good time.”

(BTW, is this making anyone else really want to hang out with Kate Beckinsale? The woman sounds like a blast to be around.)

The insider also isn't at all shocked by her romance with 25-year-old Davidson. “It’s no surprise she likes Pete — he makes her laugh and she likes the fact that he’s younger than her," the source said to Us Weekly.

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In fact, Davidson is totally the type of guy Beckinsale would normally be into. After the two were spotted holding hands earlier this week, an insider told Us Weekly: “Kate is into Pete and he’s exactly her type.”

Elle reports that two of Beckinsale's most recent exes, 30-year-old Jack Whitehall and 22-year-old Matt Rife, are both younger comedians.

Davidson and Beckinsale were first linked together almost a month ago at an afterparty for the 2019 The Golden Globes. “Kate and Pete were flirting at the InStyle party and she was following him around a bit and waiting for him,” a source told Us Weekly at the time. “People approached her and she didn’t want to talk to anyone else.”

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Well, it turns out the Beckinsale's waiting around and flirting worked because the two have been spotted together repeatedly since then.

Earlier this week, on Feb. 2, Us Weekly reports that the unlikely pair were spotted early in the morning walking hand-in-hand leaving Lago Bar, a bar in Los Angeles, looking "very much into each other."

Ah, nothing like spending an entire night partying then walking out of the clurb hand-in-hand with the one your heart desires.

While the two seem to be happy with each other, don't expect any Grandavidson-esque wedding bells ringing any time soon.

This time around, Davidson is reportedly going to be keeping things more casual.

"They spend most of their time on opposite coasts so it's a casual thing," an E! source explained. "But they are going to keep talking and having fun together."

Neither Davidson nor Beckinsale have overtly confirmed their relationship, but both have made sly comments that seem to confirm that there's something going on between them.

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When a follower commented on a picture on Beckinsale's Instagram of herself with her mom saying, “Dear heavens, Kate. Not Pete Davidson,” the actress retorted, “No that’s my mother. Easy mistake.”

Davidson also acknowledged that there may really be something going on between the two during a January stand-up show when an audience member shouted out Beckinsale's name during his set. An onlooker told Us Weekly that Davidson “smiled sheepishly” and said "Yes" in response to hearing her name.

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Who knows what will happen with these two in the future but the important thing is that they both seem to be having a good time!