New 'Stranger Things' Season 2 Clip Shows Us How Eleven Survived After Season 1 & It's Mindblowing


If you were worried about how everyone's favorite psychokinetic pre-teen was faring in the Upside Down, worry no more! A new sneak peek at the upcoming second season of Stranger Things shows Eleven breaking out of the monster-filled alternate dimension... but it ain't pretty. Witness the return of Eleven in the new Stranger Things Season 2 preview below.

The new clip is a relief to many fans, given how the first season of Netflix's supernatural mystery series ended last year. At the end of the first season, Eleven jumps into the Upside Down in order to destroy the monstrous Demogorgon that's been abducting and torturing her friends. Although she succeeds in getting rid of the monster, she also disappears into the parallel dimension with no promise of coming back. The ending left some fans worried that Eleven may not even be a part of the show going forward, but Millie Bobby Brown confirmed she was going to be a player in Season 2 shortly after the first season ended.

And now we know that we won't just be seeing Eleven stranded on her own in the Upside Down for too long, but actually returning to the world and hopefully reuniting with her buds Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will pretty early on. Millie Bobby Brown introduced the brand-new clip showing Eleven's escape from the Upside Down at London's MCM Comic-Con on Monday, Oct. 16. Check it out below:

Yeah... not exactly the most glamorous entrance. The short clip shows Eleven using her telekinetic powers to tear through a fleshy membrane and spill out into Hawkins Middle School covered in strange goo. You can tell that she exits the Upside Down in the middle school by the large bear paw painted on the wall in the scene (the middle school mascot is the cubs), which makes sense given that she also entered the otherworldly dimension through the middle school last season.

The mysterious membrane looks exactly like the thing we saw covering Barb's dead body at the end of Season 1, so we might be able to assume that if Eleven didn't have powers to help her escape that goo-filled exit, she might have ended up with the same dismal fate as Barb.


The other big mystery from the Upside Down that we need this new season to address also has to do with Barb's death. In the brief shot we got of her dead body, we could see a slug-like creature crawl out of her mouth. Then, in the final scene of the season, we see Will Byers spit a similar slug-like creature out of his mouth after returning from his extended stay in the Upside Down. Now that Eleven has also spent a good amount of time in the scary alternate dimension, maybe she will have some answers about these mysterious slugs and what they have to do with Barb's death and Will's return.

As for what else we can expect from Eleven in this new season, the Stranger Things crew has been pretty tight-lipped, but they have given us some clues. Millie Bobby Brown has said that the new season will be much darker than the first, and the Duffer Brothers have confirmed that despite her disappearance in the Season 1 finale, Eleven will be central to the new season. We also know that it'll contain nine episodes (one more than the first season) and take place a year after the events of Season 1, focusing largely on Will and his life after returning from the Upside Down.

And in even more good news, we don't have to wait long to dive into Stranger Things Season 2! The new season premieres on Friday, Oct. 27 on Netflix.