Viola Davis in 'How to Get Away with Murder'

Let's Unpack That Mind-Blowing 'HTGAWM' Series Finale


When How To Get Away With Murder first aired in 2014, it was clear the show was destined to be a hit. Now, six years, many deaths, and a ton of drama later, fans are devastated the Shonda Rhimes gem has come to a close. After six successful seasons, there was so much to wrap up in the finale — and so much of the finale to unwrap. So, how did How To Get Away With Murder end? It's time to uncover the final bombshells of the epic series.

While fans wanted straight-up answers to all of their questions, that's not exactly how this show works. “At this point, I just want to reveal everything,” series creator Pete Nowalk told TVLine last fall. “[But] there will be certain things where I want people’s imaginations to do the work.”

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the How To Get Away With Murder series finale. While fans might have a few abstract questions after the series finale (like, about what the heck happened in that huge time gap between the trial and the funeral), most of the burning questions were resolved, and Annalise's mask finally came off in her astounding closing arguments, when she said, "I am ambitious. Black. Bisexual. Angry. Sad. Strong. Sensitive. Scared. Fierce. Talented. Exhausted. And I am at your mercy." Full on chills.

What Happened To The Keating 3?

First and foremost, what happens to the last three standing of The Keating 5? Connor Walsh, Michaela Pratt, and Laurel Castillo were all on edge to see what would go down in Annalise's trial. Before the finale, viewers knew Laurel and Michaela had negotiated deals that didn’t involve any jail time, but Connor was looking to face five years in prison. Despite his husband, Oliver, insisting they needed to take a new deal and throw Annalise under the bus, Conner continued to refuse — so much so, he gave Oliver divorce papers because he didn't want him to waste his life waiting for him to get out from behind bars.

In the final few moments of the finale, Connor was taken away in handcuffs and he gave Oliver his wedding ring, thanking him for helping him learn to love. Oliver tearfully insisted he's not going to sign the divorce papers. When the show fast-forwarded some 30 or so years, fans saw the couple, aged but together with rings on their fingers, indicating they stayed together.

As for Michaela and Laurel, it's presumed the two both took their deals. Laurel was seen putting her son, Christopher, in the car and telling the driver to go, mentioning the two were fleeing to "somewhere new." Michaela, on the other hand, was left alone and devastated at the end of the trial. In the final scenes, however, there was a shot with her with her hand on the Bible, appearing to be sworn in as a judge and finally reaching her life's goal.

What Happened To Bonnie & Frank?

During Annalise's press interview after the trial, Frank showed up, completely disgruntled and shot Governor Lynne Birkhead in order to "make things right." It seemed she was behind the murder of his mother, Hannah Keating. Reminder: Hannah had an incestuous relationship with her brother and Annalise's husband, Sam, which resulted in the birth of Frank. Frank learned this in the previous episode after Bonnie spilled the beans post-DNA test.

After Frank shot the governor, open shots were fired and Frank was hit in response. Bonnie held and comforted him as he bled out, without realizing she, too, was shot. Annalise tried reviving each of them, but it's presumed both died.

Is Annalise Really Dead?

Yes, but it's not what you think. Despite the post-court shooting, Annalise didn't die. After being found not guilty on all charges, she was released. Her funeral took place years later, and considering the surprise attendants (including two of the Keating 3) who by then had wrinkles and gray hair, it looks like it's quite a few years into the future. In the final seconds, Annalise was seen looking very old, walking off into the sunset, indicating her peaceful death.

Is Wes Still Alive?

The biggest question fans were wondering after the season finale teaser was whether Wes Gibbins, one of the original Keating 5, was still alive. A clip showed him (or someone who looked just like him) at Annalise's funeral, seemingly being called on stage to say a few words. It turns out, though, that wasn't West at all, but Wes and Laurel's son, Christopher Castillo. During the funeral, he asked his mother, Laurel, if she wanted to say a few words, and she said back, "No, but you should." In the end, he was not the one who spoke at the funeral, but Annalise's first love, Eve, was.

In the very last scene, Christopher was seen teaching in the famous classroom Annalise once taught in. As he was standing at the front of the class, he welcomed the new law students by saying, "Everyone take your seats. This is your first day of law school, which means you're already behind. I am professor Christopher Castillo. This is Criminal Law 100, or as my mentor liked to call it... how to get away with murder."