The Galaxy Fold Can Turn Into A Full Tablet, So Get Ready To Watch Movies On Your Phone

Courtesy Of Samsung

In case you haven't heard, Samsung has launched yet another model of its Galaxy phones, which is officially called the Galaxy Fold. And even though many of the company's phones are somewhat comparable to other smartphones size-wise, its latest and greatest model is especially unique because its screen actually folds in half. So you might be wondering: How big is the Samsung Galaxy Fold? Basically, it can be the size you want it to be, based on what you're using it for. I got to try it out for myself, and its size flexibility seriously comes in handy.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold's central claim to fame is the fact that it boasts two screens — and it can fold in half. Therefore, it can be as big as a tablet or as small as a smartphone. When it's folded in half as a phone, its dimensions are 62.9 millimeters by 160.9 millimeters by 17.0 millimeters, according to the Samsung website, sporting a 4.6-inch front screen. Getting the chance to use one of these babies myself, I notice the handy front screen is slightly more narrow than the average smart phone screen, perfect for simply making a call or sending a text. Plus, it's extra conducive for shoving in your pocket at this size... especially if you enjoy wearing a form-fitting pair of skinny jeans from time to time (guilty!).

Courtesy Of Samsung

When the screen is unfolded, on the other hand, the Galaxy Fold's dimensions practically double. In fact, it comes out to 117.9 millimeters by 160.9 millimeters by 7.5 millimeters, with a 7.3-inch screen. When unfolded, the Galaxy Fold is almost comparable to the size of an iPad. You can split the screen to have two different apps open at the same time, if you're a multitasker, and I, personally, am a big fan of that feature.

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However, if you only have one app open, it's perfect for reading a book (especially if you're blind like I am), for watching videos and T.V. shows, and if you're video-calling someone on WhatsApp. This new feature is honestly super useful, if you're big on using your smartphone for entertainment purposes.

Courtesy Of Samsung

Samsung's newly debuted Galaxy Fold was officially revealed during Samsung's Unpacked event earlier this year on Feb. 20. They will officially become available for AT&T and T-Mobile users in markets throughout the U.S. as of April 26. However, if you are actually in the market for one of this, you should probably start saving your money, because they definitely aren't cheap. The starting price for a Galaxy Fold will start at a whopping $1,980, so be prepared to drop a hefty wad of cash.

OK, so the bottom line is: Samsung's new phone can basically be as big as a tablet or as small as a phone. It can be relatively narrow, for taking care of simple tasks, or it can basically be iPad-sized, if you're using it for entertainment, or if you're taking care of multiple things at once. TBH it provides for a decent amount of flexibility. Guess I'll have to start saving that cash, though.