You Can Save On Your Next Room Thanks To Justin Bieber's Love Of Slippers

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Comfort is of the upmost importance to me. Most days, I live in yoga pants, comfy tees, and sneakers. It seems I'm not the only one who enjoys wearing something relaxing. You may remember back in December when Justin Bieber launched his own line of hotel slippers. Yes, really. Well, now is getting in on the fun with a money-saving offer for your next booking.'s National Hotel Slipper Day deal includes $25 off your next hotel stay — and it's all thanks to the Biebs himself.

OK, let's get one thing out of the way first. Justin Bieber loves himself some hotel slippers. (Who can blame him?) So much so, that he designed his very own pair of "cheap" hotel slippers in Dec. 2018. The comfy kicks are part of his clothing line called The House of Drew. Now you're up-to-date on why this is happening (in case you weren't already). So, to pay homage to Bieber's love of basic hotel slippers, and to wish the superstar a very happy birthday, is declaring Friday, March 1, when the superstar turns 25, as National Hotel Slippers Day, according to the travel company. really went above and beyond here, because holiday has been officially certified by the National Day Archives. Seriously, this is now a legit celebratory day in its inaugural year. TBH, this is all pretty funny to me.

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As if declaring an official day wasn't enough, the deal comes with another perk. The travel company is offering customers $25 off hotel bookings in honor of the commemorative day and also because Bieber turns a quarter of a century old on Friday, March 1. (HBD, Biebs.) The promotion is valid on hotel stays of $250 or more. It's not a huge discount, but every little bit helps when you're traveling, IMO. To claim the deal, enter code "SLIPPERS" when you go to check out. Just paste the code in before you pay and you'll see $25 knocked off the overall cost of your stay.

Oh, and the slippers offer is only valid on Friday, March 1. The website offers hotel deals all over the world in major cities like New York, Paris, London, Miami, and Los Angeles. You shouldn't have any trouble finding a legit deal, especially if you've got any travel plans already in the works.

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As you can see, the slippers from feature the company's red H logo on the front and a very pretty tropical red and green flower pattern on the insoles. The slippers look pretty snazzy if you ask me. The real question though is this: Could slippers be better than the hotel slippers designed by Bieber? This seems like a question that only the singer himself could answer.

To me, slippers are sort of like a hug for your feet. So, it's very important to find the right pair with proper support and cushioning to give your feet the padding they deserve. I have a pair of UGG slippers that I keep by my bedside and I'm obsessed. I haven't tried on either pair, but hotel slippers are hotel slippers as far as I'm concerned. To sum it all up, I just want to thank JB for being born 25 years ago, so that the rest of us can enjoy discounts on hotels.