All The Adorable Items In Hot Topic's Polly Pocket Line Will Take You Right Back To The '90s

by Stephanie Montes
Courtesy of Hot Topic

If you were born in the early '90s, Polly Pocket needs no introduction to you. But for most of you Gen Z-ers, let me drop some knowledge on you. Polly Pocket was a doll who lived in a pocket-sized compact that stored an entire scene (usually some fabulous room of her house). The original teeny-tiny Polly doll was almost too small to handle, even with our teeny-tiny baby hands. Just talking about it now, the nostalgia is almost too much to take. Needless to say, I won't be the only one running to get my hands on this throwback Hot Topic Polly Pocket Collection.

Because Hot Topic shares our affinity for merch that celebrates the best of the '90s (remember the Clueless and Lisa Frank collections?), the brand is launching an entire Polly Pocket limited-edition makeup and accessories line. The collection, inspired by our favorite little lady of the '90s, features an assortment of makeup, from an eyeshadow palette to a mini pop-up brush, and accessories, from backpacks to a pink dad hat. And all of it actually looks like it did decades ago.

Luckily, nothing in this throwback collection will cost you over $40, either.

Scroll down for a peek at some of what's in the collection. Disclaimer: All the childhood feels you can think of will ensue.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Ribbon Dad Hat ($15;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Never in the history of dad hats has there ever been a cap as cute as this.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Striped Ruffle Pocket Tee ($25;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

I'm pretty sure one of my mini Pollys wore this exact shirt.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Mini Backpack ($40;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

I'm buying this and stuffing it with makeup and toys. It really is the '90s again.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket No-Show Socks ($15;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

My 5-year-old self would've killed for these socks!

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Quilted Heart Cross Body ($40;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

It's like an actual Polly Pocket, but bigger and for grown-ups.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Heart Wristlet Wallet ($23,

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Then, there's this adorable wristlet to hold both your Polly doll and your coins.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Lip Palette ($15;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Wait, is that an actual Polly Pocket? Nope, better! It's a lip palette with a mini doll-shaped lip brush tucked away for applications on the go.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Pop-Up Hair Brush ($10;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

Just think how cute this will look tucked away in your big-girl purse.

Hot Topic x Polly Pocket Eye Shadow Palette ($17;

Courtesy of Hot Topic

I just can't get over this adorable eyeshadow palette. The outside looks quilted out of plastic, and the inside houses an illustration of Polly chillin' in her house. Oh, yeah, and there are actual eyeshadow pans, too!

Courtesy of Hot Topic

All of these adorably themed items are currently available on Hot Topic's website, including even more picks, like the Bow Back Girls Tank Top ($25, Hot Topic), the Polly Pocket Book Crossbody Bag ($35, Hot Topic), and more. Hot Topic, empty my pockets!