Zombie Skittles Are Finally Here For A Spooky Halloween Treat

Courtesy Mars Wrigley

As the Northern Hemisphere approaches the last several weeks of summer, it's only appropriate to get excited about the next big thing coming up this fall — Halloween. The spooky celebration is all about getting dressed up, watching horror movies with friends, but most importantly filling yourself up with the best candy around. Skittles is releasing an exciting new flavor for Halloween this year called Zombie Skittles that's sure to spook your tastebuds and make your skin crawl. Here's where to get Zombie Skittles for an eerie Halloween treat.

Zombie Skittles will start hitting shelves nationwide throughout the month of August, according to the brand, meaning you can try these spooky sweets two whole months before Halloween. According to a press release, the bags will retail for around $1.89 for the Share Size, $2.49 for the Lay Down Bag, and $2.99 for the Fun Size Bag. You won't have to search all over for the sweets, because they will be available at major grocery stores nationwide plus Target and Walmart.

So what does Skittles' Zombie flavor taste like? This isn't your average bag of skittles for a few reasons. First of all, each bag contains five fruity flavors that each have a spooky twist: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Boogeyman Blackberry, Chilling Black Cherry, and Blood Red Berry. But the real treat (or trick, depending on how you see it) is the rotten zombie flavor hiding in each bag of Zombie Skittles. The press release describes the zombie flavor as "utterly disgusting," and since it looks like all the other skittles you won't know which one it is before you bite into it. Needless to say, Zombie Skittles are definitely not for the faint of heart.

Courtesy Mars Wrigley

Rebecca Duke, Skittles' senior brand manager at Skittles' parent company, Mars Wrigley U.S., said in a press release that this new bag will test how brave skittles fans are. Wrigley said,

Our fans love SKITTLES not just for its delicious fruity flavors, but for their reverence and sense of humor for which the brand is known. This Halloween, we wanted to give our fans the ultimate rotten twist on the candy they know and love, challenging them to test their bravery over a bag of Zombie Skittles.

Mars Wrigley isn't the only candy company releasing Halloween treats ahead of Oct. 31. Hershey's is releasing its own line of Halloween and autumn-themed candy, which includes delicious takes on Reese's, Kit Kat, and Hershey bars. For starters, Hershey's Halloween Reese's candy, called "Reese's Stuffed with Pieces Pumpkin," comes with a pumpkin-shaped chocolate shell that's literally stuffed with Reece's pieces. Hershey's is also releasing limited-edition pumpkin-pie-flavored Kit Kats. The chocolates, which are normally brown, will come in an orange color and will feature pumpkin-pie-flavored cream coating around the OG Kit Kat wafers. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm ready for summer to be over.

With all these Halloween-themed candies and chocolates coming out ahead of Halloween, I'm going to have to start stocking up ASAP. Besides, it's never too early to get in the spooky spirit, even if it is the middle of summer.