Here's Where To Get Oreos With "The Most Stuf" So You Can Eat All Of The Creme

I feel like there are two kinds of Oreo eaters out there: people who eat the entire cookie bite by bite, and people who tear the cookie in half and eat the creme first. Those of you who down the creme before the actual wafers are probably stoked about Nabisco's latest release, The Most Stuf Oreos. Apparently, they have more "stuf" inside of 'em than any other Oreos to date — and they're currently on sale. If you're a tried-and-true creme lover, you're probably wondering where to get The Most Stuf Oreo Cookies. Based off some of my go-to foodies on social media, they might be hard to get.

That's right: According to various snack Instagram accounts — such as @junkbanter, @snackstalker, and @thejunkfoodaisle — the seemingly exclusive Oreos can be found at Rite Aid. In other words, you might want to double think your grocery store outing and head to the pharmacy instead. Elite Daily reached out to Oreo and inquired about exactly where The Most Stuf Oreo Cookies are available, but has not heard back by the time of publication.

Apparently, the massive creme-filled cookies might be hard to find (even if you visit your local Rite Aid). Instagram user Snack Stalker recently posted a photo of the cookies, and their caption said that they visited seven or eight different Rite Aids before actually finding the goods. With that being said, you might have to go on a Rite Aid tour before scoring a package for yourself.

Now that you know where to look if you're trying to buy a package of The Most Stuf Oreo Cookies, you're probably wondering what makes them so special. From the looks of it, the name says it all (they're the "most" stuffed Oreos ever). In order to get a better idea of what the cookies taste like, I turned to Junk Banter, an Instagram foodie who knows the ins and outs about trending snacks.

Junk Banter purchased a The Most Stuf Oreo Cookies and posted about them on his Instagram page on Jan. 14. Out of curiosity, Elite Daily reached out to him and asked how much creme is inside each cookie. He tells us that the cookies have "probably closest to quadruple" the amount of creme as an OG Oreo. Can you imagine having an Oreo filled with four times the amount of "stuf"?!

With that much creme, you're probably wondering how many cookies fit inside each Oreo package. According to The Junk Food Aisle's Instagram post about the snack, only 18 cookies are included in each pack. If you like creme, you're probably excited about that news. However, if you're more of a chocolate lover, you might want to opt for an original pack of Oreo Cookies that has more wafers inside.

In case you're wondering where these Most Stuf Oreo Cookies came from, rewind back to October 2018. At that time, speculation began that Oreo would release the creme-filled treats in early 2019 — and it was true! However, it seems like they're only available at Rite Aid right now. If you try 'em and love 'em, cross your fingers that they'll be available at major retailers in the future.