Tequila-Infused “Margarita Sundaes” Are Here & I Need One

While spring weather can sometimes be kind of a drag (as seen earlier this week in the form of freezing rain, heinous winds, and even snowstorms), it can also be absolutely incredible. And while I am excited to bask in the sun, watch flowers to bloom, and to finally get my tan on, I'm probably the most psyched to partake in some super festive Cinco de Mayo celebrations, which are happening in a mere few weeks. If you're down to get your drink on in the best way possible, here's where to get tequila-infused sorbet... it'll kick off May in the sweetest way.

Tipsy Scoop, a boozy ice cream parlor in New York City, has created the greatest Cinco de Mayo innovation to-date — and it's called the Margarita Sundae. And OK, I know that tequila and ice cream sundaes don't sound like they were made for each other, but hear me out — they come together as a total dream team. According to a press release, the Margarita Sundae consists of six large scoops of Mango Margarita sorbet that are infused with Patrón Silver. It's all served in an oversized Margarita glass, which is rimmed with sugar (mocking the classic salt rim). It's garnished with orange and lime candy wedges, a Chocolate "Chilli pepper" lollipop, and a "shot" of Strawberry White Sangria sorbet. So um, yeah... I'll order five, please.

Zoe Sydelle Anderson

This gorgeous creation, sadly, will only grace our Marg-loving lives for a very limited time. Per the press release, the Margarita Sundae will be available between May 1 and May 10 while supplies lasts, so getting some as soon as you can is completely vital. And although the sundaes retail for a hefty $29 (not including tax), they're the boozy treat that I need in my life... so I'll just account for like, ten of them in my monthly booze budget. Also, don't forget your ID if you go to the parlor to get one, because the Margarita Sundae definitely lives up to its name. It's boozy enough to require an age limit of 21 and over only.

If you don't happen to be in New York City during those critical first ten days of May, don't freak out about getting your Margarita Sundae fix, because getting your hands on one won't be entirely impossible. The base of the treat, which is Mango Margarita Sorbet, happens to be available by the pint in-store at Tipsy Scoop throughout the summer (which is an ultimate life game-changer), according to Melissa Tavss, Tipsy Scoop's CEO and Founder. And if you happen to live on the other side of the country, the Mango Margarita Sorbet is also online for nationwide shipping on Gold Bely's website. If you end up deciding to buy the sorbet itself, you can make your own Marg Sundae with the help of my good old friend, Patron, some sugar, and a buttload of candy. Making one is seriously as simple as that, and no extensive travel is necessarily required.

I don't know what your plans are for this year's Cinco de Mayo, but you probably know where I'll be. There truly is no better (or more refreshing) way to celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year than with one one these absolutely gorgeous Margarita Sundaes. Getting your drink on and eating a sundae has not been truly synonymous until this moment, so needless to say, I will absolutely be the first in line at Tipsy Scoop on the first of May. If you happen to get there before me, though, definitely save me a seat... and a spoon.