You Can Get Disney Parks-Themed Starbucks Mugs That'll Make Your Mornings Magical

Courtesy of Starbucks

In case you didn't know (which, you probably didn't), I collect coffee mugs. In fact, my kitchen cabinets are filled to the brim with mugs from different cities that I've visited, and I have my eyes on Starbucks' newest collection. The coffee company is currently selling Disney "Been There" mugs, which feature vintage designs inspired by various Disney theme parks. There are six versions available, and they all look pretty dang magical. If you're wondering where to get Starbucks x Disney mugs (same), you might want to consider booking a vacay.

I say that because you won't be able to find the Disney "Been There" mugs at your local coffee shop. According to Starbucks, these gems are only available at Disney parks, so start planning your trip. However, once you're officially on vacation, you might have to hop from park to park in order to score all of the mugs. As People points out, an external Disney blog called shared that the mugs can only be found at the Disney parks that they were inspired by. For instance, the Epcot-themed mug can only be found at Epcot, while the Magic Kingdom-themed mug can only be found at Magic Kingdom. You get the point, though.

Considering the collection's name, that makes total sense. To score a "Been There" mug, you have to "be there."

Courtesy of Starbucks

Before you spend hours trying to figure out which Starbucks stores are selling the goods, give another visit. Thankfully, the blog already scouted out a few locations so you don't have to. According to the company, the Animal Kingdom mug can be found at the Creature Comforts Starbucks location, while the Epcot mug can be found at the park's Fountain View Starbucks location. Apparently, the Magic Kingdom mug can be found at the Main Street Bakery Starbucks store, so get ready to stock up.

The blog didn't reveal the exact locations of the remaining mugs (California Adventure, Hollywood Studios, and Disneyland), so you'll have to seek those out during your trips. In order to do so, just find the Starbucks location inside of the park that you're visiting.

Courtesy of Starbucks

Now that you know where to find these mugs, you're probably curious about their designs. As you can see, each mug features artwork that's inspired by the particular park that it's found in. For instance, the Magic Kingdom mug has a drawing of the Cinderella Castle on it, along with Tinker Bell, Mickey ears, Dumbo, and more. The Epcot mug, on the other hand, boasts drawings of Epcot's Spaceship Earth structure, various worldwide landmarks, and the Walt Disney World Monorail System.

By drinking out of these mugs, you'll be able to reminisce your Disney vacay and feel the wanderlust all over again.

If you want to buy one (or all) of these mugs during your Disney escapades, then bring at least $20 with you to Starbucks. According to the company, each "Be There" mug costs $19.99 — but I'm sure you'll want to grab a latte during your visit (I know I would).