PSA: Disney Is Now Serving Up Dole Whip Froscatos, Because Dreams Do Come True

Courtesy of Master Sommelier George Miliote/Wine Bar George

Here's the only bit of news you need to read this week: Disney is now serving up Dole Whip Froscatos. I repeat, Disney is now serving up Dole Whip Froscatos. No, this is not a drill. In case you're not familiar, Disney's regular Dole Whip is a delicious frozen treat made with pineapple-flavored soft-serve. It's a cult-favorite drink among Disney goers and now it's getting a boozy upgrade for summer. Unlike the Dole Whip, this new drink isn't available inside of Disney Parks. Wondering where to go? Here’s where to get Disney’s new Dole Whip Froscato for a refreshing summer sip.

Full disclosure: I'm a big Dole Whip fan. So, when the news of a Dole Whip Froscato started circulating online, I knew I was going to love it before I ever tried it. There is only one thing standing in my way and that's figuring out where to get it. The new Dole Whip Froscato is available at Wine Bar George, according to Master Sommelier George Miliote, owner and proprietor of Wine Bar George. Now, you're probably wondering what Wine Bar George has to do with Disney. Well, it turns out that Wine Bar George is located at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida.

Courtesy of Master Sommelier George Miliote/Wine Bar George

There are actually two new Dole Whip inspired drinks on the Wine bar George menu. Of course, the Dole Whip Froscato really spoke to me first. The refreshing yellow cocktail is made with Moscato, vodka, and Dole pineapple, according to Miliotes. You can find this one under the frozen section of the Wine Bar George menu.

Wine Bar George is also reimagining the beloved Dole Whip drink as a mimosa. Both the Dole Whip Mimosa and the Dole Whip Froscato are fairly similar, so I'll let you decide what to get. The mimosa version is made with Moscato, Dole pineapple, and prosecco. Mimosas are the epitome of a classic brunch drink. Since I live in Orlando, I may just have to head out to Disney Springs and order one of each for a little taste test of my own.

The Dole Whip Froscato isn't available quite yet, but it's almost here. Per Miliotes, the Dole Whip Froscato and the Dole Whip Mimosa will be on the menu starting on Saturday, March 30 with no end date in sight (!!!). The fruity new drinks will be available daily, as well as during Wine County's Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., according to Miliotes.

To ensure you get a glass of the Dole Whip Froscato (or the mimosa version), I recommend making a reservation on the Wine Bar George website. Brunch always seems to be busy no matter where you go and you don't want to risk not being able to order up this boozy twist on the Dole Whip.

I took a quick look at the Wine Bar George menu and everything looks so delicious. I'd probably order the French Toast with caramel sauce, but the Burrata with avocado and bacon sounds amazing, too. I'll definitely be ordering up a Dole Whip Froscato while I try and make up my mind.