Disney's New Christmas Ornaments Feature Your Fave Characters

I know it's only July, but in my personal opinion, there is no wrong time to start preparing for the most wonderful time of year... even if Christmas is a full five months away. But honestly, it seems as though Disney feels the same way. The media giant just released a huge new line of Christmas ornaments which are guaranteed to get you hyped for the holidays, and they come in an incredibly wide variety of characters. So, if you haven't already gotten a few for yourself, here's where to get Disney's 2019 Christmas ornaments.

'Tis the season for Disney cheer, and sing it loud for all to hear, my Magic Kingdom-lovin' friends. In case you've somehow missed the big news, Disney just released its new line of Christmas ornaments for 2019 on shopDisney, the company's website that gives fans the chance to buy all things Disney. And honestly, the new line of ornaments is everything I hoped it would be.

For those who love Disney's OG flicks, the new line of Christmas ornaments includes classic characters such as Donald Duck, Pinocchio and Geppetto, and Mickey Mouse.

My personal favorite, however, has to be the Tinker Bell Sketchbook Ornament, which features the infamous pixie emerging from a key hole.

If you're more into Disney's latest works, on the other hand, Disney's new ornament lineup also includes newer characters, such as Carl and Ellie (Up), Tiana (Princess and the Frog), and Forky (Toy Story 4).

The prices of Disney's new holiday ornaments range from about $16 to $25, so there's definitely a little somethin-somethin' for everyone. Just remember that Christmas cheer is totally priceless, though, so don't feel too guilty for spending a little extra on some joyful décor. That's my personal motto.

ShopDisney's Christmas inventory for 2019 also includes a number of alternative holiday decorations, aside from the range of character ornaments. For example, Disney is offering a Mickey Mouse and Friends Holiday Plate Set for $24.95, a Mickey Mouse Plush Holiday Stocking for $19.95 and this Pineapple Swirl Treat Holiday Ornament for $16.99, which is a shoutout to the theme park's frozen delicacy. Like I said, there is totally something for everyone on this glorious site, and there's no reason to feel bad about spending a little cash on adorable holiday goodies. Just keep that in mind when you're adding just about everything to your cart.

Regardless of what aesthetic you're going for in relation to your holiday tree, there is no doubt in my mind that Disney's 2019 Holiday ornaments will totally up the ante. Honestly, between all of the old and new movie characters (and with a pretty decent price range) there is something for every Disney-lovin' person out there. To be completely honest, I've already added the Simba ornament to my cart... that thing is way too cute to pass up. Merry Christmas (in July) to you all, and to all a goodnight!