Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn includes flavors like green beans and sweet potato pie.

Turkey-Flavored Candy Corn Now Exists, & It Might The Wildest Flavor Pairing Of 2020

Courtesy of Brach's

With the end of summer just around the corner, one company is ringing in candy corn season with what might be the weirdest seasonal mash-up ever. Brach's released a candy corn with kernels flavored to taste like a full Thanksgiving feast — and it's safe to say 2020 can't get any weirder. Here’s where to get Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn if you're curious enough to try the unusual concoction, which launched in August.

While Halloween and Thanksgiving may still be a few months away, the candy corn company decided to gift sweet and savory fans a flavor combination that no one knew they wanted: a classic Thanksgiving dinner, including roasted turkey, stuffing, green beans, ginger-glazed carrots, tart cranberry sauce, and sweet potato pie. You can buy 12-ounce bags of the Turkey Dinner Candy Corn for $2.99 at participating Walgreens stores nationwide throughout the holiday season, making them a very wallet-friendly option to preview some of your fave turkey dinner flavors.

Judging from people who've tried them like Instagram user @puppreviews, you won't be getting candy corn kernels serving up the full works with every bite. Instead, the Turkey Dinner Candy Corn will offer different colored kernels that correspond to different flavors. For example, the green ones will taste like a candy version of green beans while you can expect notes of cranberry sauce in the red kernels. The turkey one is signified by a yellow kernel with a brown tip.

Courtesy of Brach's

While it can be hard to imagine what a candy and turkey mash-up would taste like, @puppreviews admitted they "still enjoyed the taboo experience," writing, "We'd say odd, but that would be forgiving. This flavor is downright wrong to be in candy." They also called the stuffing kernels (brown bottom with a white tip) "another forbidden fruit."

Meanwhile, it sounds like the cranberry sauce, carrot, and sweet potato pie are all winners with notes of cinnamon and other spices. If you're feeling brave, you can grab a scoop of these bad boys to experience the whole turkey dinner effect.

When going on a Walgreens run for your candy corn, keep in mind the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC as of June 15, which suggest avoiding running unnecessary errands as much as possible and practicing social distancing when in contact with other people. Make sure to wear your mask when in the store and wash your hands after handling your groceries.

For better or worse, these unusual treats are only available during the season, so make sure to pick up a bag or two during your next Walgreens run and report back to the rest of us.

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