This Avocado Pool Float With A "Pit" Beach Ball Is Perfect For Brunch Enthusiasts

In my opinion, your choice of pool float says a lot about you. Maybe you tend to go for the elegant swan, or maybe you might gravitate more towards the fun, vibrant unicorns. You might even be tempted to go straight for the ones shaped like festive bottles of rosé. I, however, would hands-down go for the one that's shaped like an avocado. In total millennial fashion, I'm a sucker for avo toast. And if you, too, are looking to guac on this summer, here's where to get an avocado pool float.

In the last week or so, you have most likely caught a glimpse of the popular avocado pool float drifting through your Instagram or Twitter feed. It's truly huge (laying at about about 65 inches long by 52 inches wide), boasting several green and yellow layers. All of them eventually lead to a removable brown pit in the center, which doubles as a beach ball (no, I'm not kidding!). It's absolutely gorgeous and represents everything a brunch enthusiast like myself could ask for in life. Seriously, she's marvelous.

And since everybody deserves a little avo-lovin' in their lives, you should probably find out where you can get one for yourself. The one with the highest reviews can be found on Amazon, sold by a brand called LetsFunny. It's currently going for $34.99, but if you ask me, some delicious summer fun is totally priceless.


If you tend to be prone to buyer's remorse, look to the Amazon reviews for some additional reassurance. One practical review posted by @KatieT raved, "best pool float ever. Very comfy and holds air well. I plan on leaving it as infrequently as possible this summer so we’ll see how well it holds up. So far so good!"

Another Amazon review posted by @Jedixjarf joked, "So cool! the popout seed floaty ball is super neat, great floaty, now I need a toast float for some millennial avocado toast!" So if those glowing reviews don't say all you needed to hear today, I seriously don't know what will.

Maybe you feel like the avocado float isn't quite screaming your name. Or, you might simply want a few additional floats to add to your collection. Either way, you should definitely make sure to check out which of these pool floats is best for you, based on your favorite drinks. There are so many adorable and tasty options like rosé, beer, a root beer float, margaritas, Bloody Marys, and martinis. The choice is yours, friends, and if you need me, I'll be floating in that margarita glass.

Picking the perfect pool float is incredibly important, and I, personally, hadn't seen the perfect one for me until the avocado one rolled into my life. It's gorgeous, green, and represents everything I stand for (aka guacamole, obviously!). If you end up getting one for yourself, I'll be expecting an invite to your next pool party. Oh — and make sure your Instagram caption game is spot-on — these are definitely prime for photo ops.