Here’s Where To Get A Burrito Blanket That'll Turn You Into A True Snack

In case you missed it, burritos are having a *huge* moment right now. I'm not talking about edible burritos, though; I'm talking about human burritos. More specifically, I'm referring to human burrito blankets. That's right: Burrito-inspired blankets have gone viral, and tortilla lovers across the internet have been using 'em to wrap themselves up like true snacks. If you're hoping to get cozy on your own, you're probably wondering where to get a burrito blanket. Thankfully, you have quite a few options — so prepare to stock up. The more burrito blankets, the better... right?

Before I get into details about where you can buy your own burrito blanket, let me catch you up on why they're going viral in the first place. I mean, let's face it: It's not every day when a blanket inspired by a toasty burrito hits the web, so its origin must be special. Believe it or not, the burrito blanket craze began when Twitter user @katreenawhh shared three photos of her own burrito blanket on March 27. In a matter of days, her photos went viral and have accumulated well over 100,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets. Who knew so many people needed burrito blankets in their lives?

According to Insider, the burrito blanket that's featured in the viral tweet looks like it was made by Zen Life and can be found here. However, as you've probably already noticed, that particular burrito blanket is sold out (bummer). Don't get too upset, though. Like I said, many other companies are selling other burrito blankets that look just as burrito-y.

For instance, eBay is selling a ton of burrito blankets, such as this Tortilla Burrito Fleece Blanket that's currently going for $29.99. Unlike the blanket in the viral tweet, it's shaped as a rectangle. I'm sure it's just as comfortable, though.

If you'd rather stick with circular burrito blankets, you have a few more options. Thankfully, Etsy is selling a round burrito blanket for $41.77. According to its product page, the blanket is five feet (60 inches) in diameter and is made with microfiber. With that being said, it'll be perfect for cozying up with a friend by your side and an actual burrito at hand.

Another round burrito blanket that's on the market is this Tortilla Blanket from Amazon that's also 60 inches long. It's currently selling for $69.99 — but if you split it with a friend, the cost won't be too bad. If you're an Amazon Prime member who's seeking a quick burrito blanket with free shipping, this might be the option for you.


OK, now that you know where to buy some burrito blankets, I'll show you where you can buy a burrito towel. I mean, summer is coming up, so why not lounge by the pool like a *true* snack? Thankfully, Walmart is selling 60-inch Corn Tortilla Round Microfiber Beach Towels on its website. They currently cost $55.98 each, but you can always split the cost with someone. I mean, burrito blankets (and towels, apparently) are big enough for two, so why not share it with a buddy?

You don't have to share a real burrito with your friends, though. Enjoy that snack all by yourself — you deserve it.