Spotify's New Summer Rewind Playlist Will Make You So Nostalgic

Screenshot Courtesy of Amanda Fama

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things to do in the summertime is kick back with a cocktail and put on my favorite music. Whenever I'm sitting in the sun, I usually queue my favorite warm-weather tracks and enjoy the nostalgic tunes. If you do the same thing, you'll be happy to hear that Spotify's Your Summer Rewind playlist is back. As always, this year's playlist features your fave tracks from previous summers, adding much-needed nostalgia to your beach trips. If you haven't accessed your playlist yet, you might be wondering where to find your Spotify Summer Rewind playlist. Thankfully, it's simple to do.

In order to find the Your Summer Rewind playlist on Spotify, open your Spotify app. When you're on the main screen, hit the search bar and type in "Your Summer Rewind" (that's what I did, at least). After that, your personalized playlist should appear at the top of the screen. If it looks anything like mine, the playlist should feature an icon with a bright blue sky and a pinkish-yellow sun. When you see that artwork, click on it — and then, you'll be taken to the Your Summer Rewind playlist that was created specifically for you.

If you're on your desktop, you can also find the playlist by searching

Screenshot Courtesy of Amanda Fama

Like I said, every Your Summer Rewind playlist was personalized for each individual user, which means no playlist is exactly the same (unless two people have an identical music taste, which would be pretty impressive). According to Spotify, your specific Summer Rewind playlist features 50 songs that you streamed the most throughout summer 2017 and summer 2018. In other words, listening to your playlist will probably make you feel super nostalgic for previous summers, which is totally OK.

When you're in the playlist, you can hit "Shuffle Play" to mix the tunes up (which is always nice when you're relaxing by the speaker). If you have Spotify Premium and internet access, you can even toggle the "Download" button and save each track in the playlist for future listening. TBH, the entire playlist super convenient for summer trips that call for a #throwback songs.

The Your Summer Rewind playlist isn't where seasonal selections end on Spotify, though. According to the company, other summer playlists currently exist on the platform — and they'll get you just as pumped for warm weather as the Your Summer Rewind will. To access them, head to the Summer Hub on Spotify. There, you'll be able to find seasonal playlists like Feel Good Summer, Happy Beats, Summer Party, Sunny Day, and Your Summer Rewind.

Now that you know more about Spotify's warm-weather playlist selections, you might want to try the company's new summer nostalgia quiz. The quiz, which was officially announced on June 25, takes Spotify users on a trip down memory lane and asks questions about popular songs of previous summers. To give it a try, click here.

As you can see, Spotify has you covered when it comes to summery song selections. Turn up the volume at your next pool party and listen to your fave seasonal tunes.