Welch’s New Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa Bottle Will Revolutionize Your Brunch Game

Courtesy of Welch's

Bring on the bubbly, because Welch's is launching a brand new Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa drink for your next brunch gathering. The pre-made bottled drink isn't sold everywhere, so make sure to plan accordingly before you host your first spring brunch of the year. Luckily, I can help you track down a bottle or two. If you're wondering where to find it, here's where to buy Welch’s Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa before you invite all of your friends over.

It's time to raise a glass because Welch's just launched a brand new Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa. Per the company, the bottled Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa mix will be available starting on Monday, April 7. Now, you won't be able to find this at just any grocery store. According to Welch's, the Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa is only exclusively at Target stores nationwide. You'll also be able to find bottles of the non-alcoholic bubbly on Target's website starting on Monday, April 7.

"Welch's sparkling juices are a staple at celebrations and gatherings across the country," John Walston, Welch's Senior Brand Manager, said in a press release. "Last year we saw great success launching Welch's Non-Alcoholic Rosé, and we wanted to offer consumers a new occasion to enjoy our trendy bubbly refreshments; Mimosa opens the breakfast occasion for us as the perfect addition to any brunch spread."

Courtesy of Welch's

You can snag a 24.5-fluid ounce bottle of Welch's new Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa for $3.19 at Target stores nationwide, according to the company. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on where you live, but the cost shouldn't stray too far from the suggested retail price.

Per Welch's, the brunch-inspired drink is made from grapes that were grown in the United States for a bright and bold flavor. The Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa from Welch features notes of sweet and tangy citrus with a light and crisp finish. I haven't tried this one yet, but it honestly sounds like it tastes pretty dang close to an actual mimosa.

Courtesy of Welch's

The good news here is that Welch's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa is hanging around for good, according to the company. Sometimes it seems that new food and drink products for spring are only available for a limited time. It's nice to know I can go out and grab a bottle of Welch's Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa whenever the urge strikes.

Last year, Welch's released a Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé that was pretty tasty. The company also has a line of Sparkling Mocktails including Sparkling Sangria, Sparkling Strawberry Daiquiri, and Sparkling Pina Colada. I think I'm going to need a bigger bag for my next Welch's Sparkling haul — including the new Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Mimosa.

I love a good mimosa as much as anyone. However, the one thing I dislike about mimosas is the Champagne hangover that can come with it. Since the drink doesn't contain any alcohol, it can totally help you avoid that nagging hangover that sometimes follows after several hours of brunching. It's no secret that mimosas and brunch go hand-in-hand, so this is going be the perfect addition to revolutionize your brunch game.