Taco Bell Released A Line Of Wedding Accessories So You Can Say "I Do" & Live Más

by Collette Reitz

Like any good fast food loyalist, I have a special place in my heart for Taco Bell. You have to admit that the home of the Doritos Locos Tacos and the ever-so-refreshing Baja Blast rarely lets you down. Now, Taco Bell can even be a part of one of the biggest days of your life, and I'm not only talking about the classic late-night taco run, either. You can actually spice up your wedding day with new Taco Bell wedding gear. Here's where to buy Taco Bell wedding accessories, so you can say "I do" and live más on your big day.

Taco Bell announced its new wedding clothing and accessories in press release on Monday, July 2. You have the one-year anniversary of Taco Bell hosting weddings at its flagship Las Vegas Cantina Restaurant to thank for the launch of the taco-themed wedding accessories. In celebration of more than 60 couples saying "I do" in the past year, Taco Bell expanded its wedding offerings to couples who can't make it to Vegas.

Now, anyone can go to Taco Bell's online Taco Shop to make Taco Bell a part of their big day with offerings like the Sauce Packet Bowtie and the Sauce Packet Garter. If you were stuck on what theme to choose for your upcoming nuptials, Taco Bell totally has your back. These saucy accessories will set you back $20 each, but the memories of your Taco Bell-themed wedding are priceless.

Taco Bell

While Fire Sauce lovers everywhere will jump at the chance to rep the stuff on their big day, you can also keep your Taco Bell influence more subdued on your wedding day. With options like the classic "Mr." and "Mrs." shirts adorned with a tasteful Taco Bell logo, you can show off your love for your future husband or wife as well as your love for all things Taco Bell.

With a neutral gray and white palette and a message of "Just Married" on the back, you'll be able to rock these Taco Bell tops (short-sleeved for him and a tank top for her) long after the last champagne flute of Baja Blast has been emptied. C'mon, you know you want to "twin" in your Taco Bell shirts and wedded bliss on the honeymoon.

Taco Bell

Another way to keep the memories of your Taco Bell wedding without being too cheesy (sorry, I had to) is to buy the "Just Married" Champagne Glass Set. The set of two 6-ounce "crystal styrene plastic" champagne flutes goes for $10, so you could buy one set as a memory of the big day. If you really want to cheers to all the Taco Bell goodness incorporated into your wedding day, you could buy enough glasses for the entire wedding party to raise a glass.

Taco Bell

If you've been pining for that Taco Bell wedding experience, then now is the time to make all of your dreams come true. Even if you were to buy all the Taco Bell wedding accessories available, it would only set you back $110. I must say, that's a small price to pay for the ability to combine your two true loves — your fiancé and Taco Bell (duh) — on your special day.

Speaking of the Taco Bell wedding experience, die-hard fans can make a reservation to hold their wedding in the newly renovated Party Room at the Las Vegas Cantina Restaurant. When you go for the full-out Taco Bell wedding, you'll get the wedding accessories available in the Taco Shop, a Cinnabon Delights Wedding Cake, and a Taco 12-Pack to share amongst your up-to 15 guests, per the release.

Taco Bell

Clearly, your Taco Bell wedding options are greater than they've ever been before. You can either add a little Taco Bell "flavor" to your big day with the addition of a Sauce Packet Garter to your already-planned wedding, or you can head to Vegas to walk down the aisle with a borrowed sauce packet bouquet.

Whichever route you choose is sure to make your big day that much better. I mean, it's hard to imagine anything going wrong when Taco Bell makes everything so right.