Here's where to buy Cutwater Spirits' Cocktail and Margarita Frozen Pops for a fresh take on a sip.

These Boozy Popsicles Come In 4 Different Margarita Flavors, Including Mango & Pineapple

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Courtesy of Cutwater Spirits

There's a fun way to enjoy your next cocktail — and no, it's not in a can. Instead, you can bite into boozy popsicles that'll remind you of your go-to summer snack as a kid. Cutwater Spirits is offering up a variety of your fave cocktails in popsicle form, including some fruity margs and classic options. If you're ready to dig into a spiked take on the classic treat, here's where to buy Cutwater Spirits' Cocktail and Margarita Frozen Pops.

Get ready to ditch your cocktail glass, because San Diego-based distillery Cutwater Spirits launched its new Frozen Margarita Spirit Pops on March 1, 2021. Featuring Cutwater's award-winning tequila, the pops contain 7% ABV and come in four fruity flavors: Lime, Mango, Strawberry, and Pineapple Margarita. If you like the idea of munching on your cocktail instead of sipping it, you can score the frozen treats nationwide at retailers that sell alcohol, as well as online from Drizly and Total Wine & More.

Cutwater Spirits' Margarita Pops aren't the only popsicle bite from the brand. The margs joined its Frozen Cocktail Spirit Pop pack, which launched nationwide in July 2020, and features flavors like Tequila Margarita, Vodka Mule, Gin Melon, and Rum and Cola. The frozen cocktail offerings are also available nationwide from alcohol delivery service Drizly, Total Wine & More, and retailers like CVS, Vons, and Walmart.

If you're having trouble finding the pops, you can easily find a retailer that carries them using Cutwater Spirits' online product locator.

Both of the boozy popsicle packs are sold in a 12-count variety pack of popsicles for between $22.99 to $26.99, depending on location.

Courtesy of Cutwater Spirits

The Frozen Margarita Spirit Pops take on flavors like the brand's new ready-to-drink Mango Margarita, which also launched in March, as well as other canned offerings. If you're wondering what the boozy bites will taste like, you can expect fruity takes on a marg, like the Mango option, which features natural mango flavor blended with real tequila, or a Pineapple Marg pop with tropical pineapple notes.

Whether alcoholic popsicles are your vibe or not (and if they are, you have plenty of options), those 21 and over can also buy Cutwater Spirits' canned cocktails from Drizly, online from ReserveBar, or your local store. When grabbing boozy options from Cutwater Spirits from the store or a delivery service, make sure to follow the most updated CDC guidelines on social distancing and mask-wearing.

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