Barefoot Released Canned Wine Spritzers & They'll Be Your Go-To Summer Drinks

There's nothing better than combatting a hot summer day with a cool, refreshing wine spritzer. However, toting around a bunch of little glass bottles can be super inconvenient, especially if you spend your summers going to the beach, trekking up mountains, or going on picnics. So if you're wondering where to get the perfect on-the-go beverage this for the season, here's where to buy Barefoot's canned wine spritzers. They're going to bring all of your outdoor festivities to the next level.

Barefoot Canned Wine Spritzers officially became available at liquor stores nationwide in early May, according to Bustle. In order to find them, go to the "Where To Buy" section on their website, and type in your zip code. Any liquor stores selling the spritzers in your area will pop up in seconds. If Barefoot Canned Wine Spritzers aren't sold anywhere in your neighborhood, though, I'm always down for a road trip... especially if it involves wine. A four-pack retails for a mere $8, and based on the fact that each can contains a whopping 8.4 fluid ounces, I know for a fact you'll be getting the best bang for your buck.

I don't know what it is, but bubbly wines are prime for warm weather. They're light, oftentimes they're relatively fruity, and they somehow manage to quench my relentless thirst from May through September. And the best part is that Barefoot Canned Wine Spritzers come in not one, not two, but five unique flavors. The include Red Sangria, Crisp White, Rosé, Summer Red, and Moscato. There's literally something for everyone, so go ahead and pick your favorite. I dare you.

Barefoot Wine

If you're more of a dry wine kinda guy or gal, Bustle recommends going for the Summer Red or the Crisp White. However, if you happen to have more of a sweet tooth, the Red Sangria is totally where it's at, with sweet berries and cooling citrusy flavors. The Moscato is a nice middle ground between the two, with a predominantly peachy flavor, as is the Rosé, which maintains pretty classic hints of raspberry, cherry, and flowers. Don't get me wrong — I'm sure each of them are absolutely spectacular, but sometimes, you just gotta go with whatever you're craving.

While this line of beverages is quite honestly ground-breaking, this isn't the first time Barefoot has sold wine spritzers, according to Bustle. In fact, their Crisp White, Moscato, Rosé, and Summer Red spritzer flavors had already been available in glass bottles. But, this is the actual first time customers can get them in convenient on-the-go cans. Red Sangria is a completely new flavor being introduced to the lineup, though, so don't forget to give it the absolute warmest of welcomes.

Once you've Instagrammed these delightful little dranks about a thousand times, you definitely should make sure to check out Vinebox wines. Each bottle is incredibly photogenic and high-quality, boxes are available by mail order, so you can get your favorite wines sent to your doorstep. Each Vinebox comes with a complete selection of nine glasses of wine, and it all amounts to $76 per box on the Vinebox website. Every box includes a selection of rosés, "chillable" reds, and "crisp" whites, and each wine hails from either Italy, France, or Spain. I haven't even tried them yet, but I''m totally head-over-heels in love.

There's something really special about drinking wine spritzers in the summer, and now that Barefoot is offering affordable spritzers in convenient little cans, I know what I'll be drinking all summer long. Whether I'm be relaxing by myself or kicking back with friends, I am absolutely positive they'll be the life of any and all parties. Oh, and they'll obviously be the life of my Instagram. But I suppose you already knew that.