Here's What Your Favorite Workout Class Reveals About Your Personality

by Georgina Berbari

If you're enrolled in a workout class that you're absolutely obsessed with, then you know the awesome feeling you get when you're nearing the end of the work day, and you start looking forward to that incredible sweat sesh you have planned. You might even have a favorite instructor who always knows exactly how to take the class to the next level. Whether you're a diehard SoulCycle fanatic, or you can't get enough of the endorphins that come with pilates, your favorite workout class reveals a lot about your personality, how you care for yourself, and what goals you prioritize.

For instance, if you're super into getting your sweat on in a workout class, it's likely because you crave group environments and connection. I don't know about you, but I absolutely adore having a sense of community when I'm going after my fitness goals; it just makes everything so much more fun. There's truly nothing like the feeling of being surrounded by all that positive energy when you low-key feel like you're going to tip over into a puddle of your own sweat.

The point is, when you look a little deeper at how and why you choose the workout classes you love so much, you'll see that your choices reveal so much about who you are and what makes you tick. From CrossFit to kickboxing, here's what your go-to workout class says about you.

If You're Dedicated To SoulCycle

You have a collaborative spirit, and you crave the feeling of accomplishing your goals and getting sh*t done, especially when you're able to do so in a room filled with people who are pretty much on the exact same page as you.

You've always believed that the power of music is truly transformational, and as far as you're concerned, the proper playlist makes anything possible. You've been through some seriously tough stuff in life, but you never let your baggage weigh you down. Instead, you've learned to turn darkness into light — with a little help from some awesome, feel-good endorphins, of course.

If You're Committed To CrossFit

When you're at CrossFit, everyone around you is giving 100 percent effort and nothing less. This aligns with your own personal values because you go all out in everything you do, and put simply, you are passionate AF.

Your physical strength mirrors the inner power that you exude, and you're in love with the feeling you get when you consistently contribute to your personal growth. You believe in yourself, no matter what challenge you're faced with, and you're not one to ever sell yourself short.

If You Go HAM At Hot Yoga

Much like the 26 poses that are repeated in every Bikram class, your daily routine is sacred to you, and you find a sense of peace in the comfort and familiarity of going through that same day-to-day checklist. But just because you enjoy keeping things exactly as they are, that doesn't mean you allow yourself to get stagnant. You're always making sure to check in with your mental state and expand your horizons, pushing yourself whenever you feel stuck.

You adore the sense of release that comes with sweating your butt off all the time, and even on those days when you feel like you maybe didn't give it your all, you know deep down, no matter what happens, each day is an opportunity to have a new beginning.

If You're Obsessed With Your Barre Class

You're the kind of person who takes life one step at a time, always keeping in mind that small, subtle changes can make a huge impact. You're not one to race to the finish line; in fact, you live by the motto that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you hit up classes like Pure Barre on the reg, it's because you love learning new ways to test your body's limits, and you hate being bored and unproductive. Your hard work is appreciated by everyone who's lucky enough to know you, and yet, you're never one to brag about your victories.

If You're All About Kickboxing

You're all about empowering yourself, and you're never afraid to speak your mind, no matter how controversial the subject might be. You use the inner strength you cultivate each day to live with purpose and make a change in the world.

People who love kickboxing have learned to take their anger and channel it into something positive. If this is your go-to workout class, my friend, you literally kick ass at everything you set your mind to. You're focused and driven, never taking your eye off the prize.

If You're Passionate About Pilates

You love the feeling of presence, being in the moment, and embracing the process that is your very own journey. Much like the delicate balance between strength and flexibility in a pilates class, you're the perfect balance of super laid-back and immensely dedicated.

You embody the phrase "less is more," and you've mastered the art of being gentle with yourself when you make mistakes. You're an amazing listener and a great friend — but you're not afraid to provide some tough love when the situation calls for it.