Here's What Your Favorite Post-Workout Snack Reveals About Your Personality

by Georgina Berbari

Some people spend the majority of their workout dreaming of the delicious post-workout snack they're going to indulge in once they're done sweating it out. I, my friends, am definitely one of those people. I mean, come on, the noms you treat yourself to after a challenging workout somehow always taste so much better and more satisfying than any other meal you eat throughout the day. Plus, once you know what your favorite post-workout snack reveals about your personality, these treats might just start to taste even better.

Personally, I'm a peanut-butter-and-banana gal, through and through. If I'm ever placed in the catastrophic situation where I run out of bananas for my post-exercise treat, you can catch me at the nearest grocery store stocking up on my beloved yellow fruit.

But maybe you're not about that banana-and-PB life (I'm not judging — more for me, fam). Perhaps your favorite treat after your daily run is a bowl of yogurt and granola, or maybe you always find yourself reaching for a rich, chocolatey protein shake.

Believe it or not, the healthy snack you look forward to eating while you're recovering from your workouts can say a lot about who you really are. Here's what your favorite post-workout snack reveals about your personality.

If You Swear By Your Smoothies
Vera Lair/Stocksy

You have so many lovable traits about you, it's honestly hard to keep count. All of your compassion and generosity toward others is, much like a smoothie itself, blended up within you into a sweet concoction that naturally comes through in your energy.

Your honesty is as refreshing as that first sip of a satisfying smoothie on a hot summer day. If you're a smoothie-lover, you're always willing to try something new and out of your comfort zone, no matter how intimidating it may be.

If You Love Peanut Butter And Banana
Trent Lanz/Stocksy

For the most part, you're a super sweet chick — but TBH, you can get majorly salty at a moment's notice, and you're not afraid to hold a grudge against those who have wronged you.

Even so, your unconditionally caring and forgiving side usually shines through no matter what, and just about everybody loves you for that. You're really easy to talk to and get along with, and you enjoy discovering a simple balance within trickier life situations.

If Hummus And Pita Chips Make You Drool
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If hummus and pita chips are your absolute favorite thing to eat after a workout, then you're probably the classiest girl in town, and everyone wants to be your friend. You're literally the life of every party, and if you don't show up, people actually notice.

You're smooth AF when you want to be, but you do have a feisty side, and you're not afraid to spice things up on occasion.

If Your Go-To Snack Is A Bowl Of Yogurt And Granola
Jeff Wasserman/Stocksy

For those who don't know you personally, you might seem a bit bland or uninteresting on the surface. But once people take the time to really get to know you, they realize you're actually the sh*t, and one of the coolest and most reliable chicks out there.

Plus, much like a tasty yogurt bowl that transforms into a piece of freaking art when you sprinkle on those toppings, you might dress average and low-key during the week — but on the weekend, you show the world what you've got, girl.

If You Always Refuel With A Protein Shake
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You never beat around the bush with anything in life, and you know exactly what you want — no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

There's no BS with you, girlfriend, and that's what's so rejuvenating about your vibes. If people ever try to stir things up and start unnecessary drama, you know just how to smooth over the situation with a totally level head.

If You Love Snacking On Granola Bars
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You're one of the most down-to-earth chicks in your social circle. Your interests and hobbies might seem out-of-the-norm to some people, since you'd much rather spend your Friday night making your own kombucha, or trying a new yoga routine, than partying at a club.

On any given Saturday afternoon, you're more likely to be found at a protest than you are at a fancy brunch — but hey, you're unique AF, and that's exactly what draws people to you. Keep doing you, girl.