Hannah B.'s Zodiac Sign Proves She's Serious About Finding Love

After watching Colton Underwood break Hannah B.'s heart on the last season of The Bachelor, I was excited to see her finally get a real chance at finding her happily ever after as this season's Bachelorette. But folks, I'm getting worried. Seeing her cry over Luke P. is tough stuff. I'm still hanging in there and hoping she finds exactly the right partner to balance her out, because since Hannah B.’s zodiac sign just so happens to be Libra, finding harmony is essential to her long-term happiness.

As I was watching Hannah fall for Luke P., who may or may not (can you guess how I feel?) be worthy of her love and attention, I couldn't help but wonder what Hannah will be like as a partner after the final rose is handed out and the camera crew goes home for good. Since we won't be able to witness that part of her relationship, our best bet is to look to the stars and consider what her zodiac sign can tell us. Hannah was born September 24, under the sign of Libra, and if you're at all familiar with dating someone who falls under this sign, then you know it's no wonder all the contestants are so into her. Here's what we know about what it is like to be loved by a Libra.

She's serious about finding a compatible partner.

Libras are famously the most socially skilled sign in the zodiac. When they're ready to settle down, they mean it. Prior to that, they can be practically Sagittarius-like in their ability to keep things light, breezy, and very temporary thanks to the air sign in them. However, when they reach the point when they're ready for a commitment, they only have time to date people they truly believe they can go the distance with.

She has traditional expectations about relationships.

Libras are very open-minded in most areas of their lives. They are easygoing and diplomatic, but when it comes to relationships, they can be surprisingly traditional. This is likely due to the influence of their ruling planet, Venus. This is a sign that wants a partner for life, someone who can be their equal and who they can share a harmonious life with. They also expect commitment and fidelity. Fortunately, a Libra would never ask for anything they aren’t ready to reciprocate fully.

Her biggest struggle in relationships is avoiding conflict.

Being in a relationship with a Libra can be both peaceful and playful at the same time. This is a sign that's focused on fairness and balance, and has the kind of laid-back attitude that just makes life easy. However, there is a downside to this attitude. Libras avoid conflict as much as possible to the point when issues that could have easily been resolved if addressed in a timely manner can fester, and resentment can grow. So, when Libra is finally forced to address these issues, the argument tends to turn into a blowout that can catch their partners by surprise.

We’re well into Hannah B.'s Bachelorette love story, so it's too early to guess how it will all end, but there's one thing we know for sure: She is taking these connections seriously and to heart. We can only hope that she really finds the other half she deserves.