Tiger King-Game of Thrones

Someone Made A 'Tiger King' 'Game Of Thrones' Mashup & It's The Only Thing You Need To See

by Ani Bundel

Even though Game of Thrones has been over for a full year, fans are still making iconic memes and mashups. Spending 10 years as HBO's flagship series earns it the right to remain in the pop-culture firmament long after the finale has aired. Moreover, just because Game of Thrones is over doesn't mean fans aren't going to compare new shows to the gold standard. For example, this Tiger King-Game Of Thrones mashup is proof everything eventually gets compared to Westeros.

It's not surprising Tiger King would be one of those series to find itself combined with Game of Thrones. The spring of 2020 was the first in a post-Westeros world. When the series ended, critics wondered aloud if this was the end of TV as a communal experience.

But it turned out there was nothing to fear. As long as viewers were home, all watching along on Twitter, any show could become the next Game of Thrones. Even a docuseries about big cat enthusiasts and the stranger-than-fiction lives they lead could be the fodder that brings viewers together in a shared "wait; WHAT?"

All that was missing was an iconic opening with a theme by Ramin Djawadi. Thankfully, YouTuber Jed Segovia has corrected the oversight.

The video is utterly brilliant, by the way. The detailing is marvelous; the product of someone who studied the original opening for Game of Thrones. Everything from the American flag pattern on the gears on the Greater Wynnwood Zoo to the cat-eyed gate at Carol Baskin's is just *chef's kiss.* There are tons from throwaway details too, like the little icons next to all the cast members' names, and the shapes of each park representing different animals, from tiger prints to elephant heads.

And of course, the correct icons from the show used when crediting Djawadi, showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, and of course, author George R.R. Martin. Because without them, there would be no opening credits theme to mashup with Tiger King in the first place.