Check Out The Things 11 Women Would Buy If They Didn't Have Student Loans

by Chelsea Stewart
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If you've ever taken out student loans, you're probably aware of the dread that comes with making a payment. Every extra dollar spent on student loans is a dollar less for other priorities, like traveling around the world, or treating yourself to takeout — which absolutely sucks. While there's really no way around it, a gal or guy can at least dream, right? Well, 11 women shared the one big purchase they'd make if student loan payments didn't exist. They'll likely have you (and me) saying, "Same!"

Several people expressed that they would buy some of the grandest and most expensive items out there because, whether you owe $1,000 or $100,000, it can be seriously hard to buy those things once Sallie Mae and other education loan services come knocking after graduation. If it wasn't for them, you could probably get tickets to an Ed Sheeran concert, fly to Mexico for a week or two, buy that ever-popular Kylie Skin bundle, or treat your entire squad or family to dinner — am I right? Well, you're not alone in your desires.

Here are the things 11 women would splurge on in a heartbeat if it weren't for their student loans.

Tina, 26

The one thing I'm buying now that I don't have to worry about student loan payments anymore is a house!

2. Nastassia, 32

I'd buy a new refrigerator, get my patio deck redone, build a patio garden, and hire a housekeeper to come once a week.

3. Vero, 25

This is hard for me to answer because my student loan is really really small, so my payments are small, so there's not really one big thing I'd buy. I think if I didn't have to shell out $50 a month on my student loan debt, it'd probably go to my credit card debt instead, which is sad, lol.


If I didn't have to worry about student loan payments, I would pay off my car loan so that it can decrease my debt-to-income ratio for mortgage applications. Do you know how annoying it is to owe such a little amount but forced to pay a little at a time because of student loans? It's frustrating to be so close to the finish line yet so far.

Alice, 26
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A really awesome/memorable experience or trip abroad with my SO or best friends. Potentially renting out the house from Under The Tuscan Sun!

6. Flose, 27

If I didn't have to pay off my loans, I would have purchased more experiences.

Adeline, 25

Speaking of the future, if I didn't have all of this debt to pay off, that's exactly what I'd be doing with my money: putting it into a savings account, a retirement fund, investing it somewhere, etc. Not that I'm not already doing these things to some extent, but let's just say I'd feel a whole lot more secure about my future if I didn't have tens of thousands of dollars hanging over my head.

Maya, 25

I would buy more plane tickets each year to see my family in Seattle.

9. Sam, 32

If I had no loans I'd have a much more substantial nest egg. I'm 32 and I only started saving in earnest this year.

Laurel, 32

I'd buy a house like my friends who already have been home owners for several years. Or a Birkin, because you know #priorities #adulting (I actually would prefer a Kelly but it doesn't carry the social notoriety that a Birkin does).

Erica, 34

If I didn't have student loans, my husband and I would probably buy an expensive English bulldog we've been talking about.

Paying off student loan debt may feel intimidating, but it is possible. There are a bunch of options for paying off student loans that could have you or anyone else out there on your way to making the purchases you truly want. Good luck!

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