Your Next Grubhub Or Seamless Order Just Got A Lot Cheaper Thanks To This Deal

Ordering in has never been easier than it is right now. With the help of apps, you can pick up your phone, select your favorite foods, plug in your credit card, and it will show up at your doorstep within the hour (usually). It's seriously awesome. Because of its convenience, it can be easy to spend a lot of money ordering dinner and lunch. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything. To help you out with your next delivery charge, read on to find out how you can save $10 on your next Grubhub or Seamless order by using Venmo. You (and your bank account) will be glad you did.

In order to savor the final days of summer, Venmo is offering diners $10 off any order. The sweet deal is valid for one week starting on Monday, Sept. 17, according to Grubhub. But there is one catch, though. In order to apply the promotional code, you will need to spend at least $15 on food and drinks. Once you order a drink, sandwich, a side, it can easily total $15. Or, you could apply the code for your next group pizza night.

Now that you know the details, here's the really important part. Make sure to apply the discount code "VENMOTREAT" to your order when you're checking out in the Grubhub app or online. Oh, if Seamless is more your speed, there's a different code you need to use. To get $10 off of your next $15 Seamless order, you'll also plug in "VENMOTREAT" during checkout. You'll see a spot in either app to apply to promo code. The discount will come right off of your overall total. All of the same rules and stipulations apply to the Seamless code, too.

Venmo first announced their partnership with Grubhub and Seamless in April. Venmo users can pay directly from money that is already loaded into their Venmo account, or they can use their linked bank account, credit or debit card when placing an order. One of the best things about this partnership is the ability to easily split the cost of food with your friends if you're placing a group order. The option should automatically show up as a payment method once you get to the checkout screen. This marriage of Venmo and online food delivery services really is a beautiful thing.

Ordering food through the Grubhub and Seamless apps really does make my life so much easier. I mean, I am all for anything that means I don't have to pick up the phone or leave my house to get a delicious meal. Apparently, I'm not the only one who feels that way. According to Grubhub, more than 60 percent of their orders are placed on a mobile device. The Grubhub mobile app and Seamless mobile app are available for download on iOS and Android devices.

The $10 off promo code from Venmo is good for the entire week starting on Monday, Sept. 17. The offer is valid while supplies last, according to Venmo. Just make sure to have a total of $15 worth of food and drinks in your cart and you're good to go. Bon appétit!

Editor's note: This post has been updated to include "VENMOTREAT" as the correct code for both Grubhub and Seamless, per an email from Grubhub.