You Could Win This Limited Edition Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Music Box During The Grammy Awards

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Courtesy of Oreo

January is finally over (gosh, that felt like the longest month ever) and February here to kick off awards season. From the big screen to the airwaves, it's that time again to recognize the most successful entertainers from the past year. To celebrate the upcoming celebrity festivities, Oreo and Wiz Khalifa are partnering together to give you a shot at winning a limited edition music box during the Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 10. It's honestly one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. Here's how to win an Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Music Box during the Grammy Awards.

Oreo is giving away a limited number of special edition Wiz Khalifa Music Boxes on Sunday, Feb. 10. Why this day? Well, it just so happens to be Grammy Sunday. While Wiz Khalifa isn't up for any awards this year, the 10-time Grammy nominee is partnering with Oreo for a new initiative called Stay Playful. As a part of the big campaign push from Oreo, the rapper recorded a special song. So, you might be asking yourself how a music box fit into all of this? Well, the limited edition music box plays Wiz Khalifa's new song for the campaign that is appropriately titled "Stay Playful."

For a chance to win a one of the exclusive music boxes from Oreo, visit the Oreo website on Sunday, Feb. 10. The contest will only be open on Grammy Sunday, per Oreo. Make sure to read up on the official contest rules before you enter. The music boxes won't be for sale anywhere, so the only wait to possibly get your hands on one is by entering the contest.

I honestly wasn't quite sure what to make of the music box when I first saw it. My grandma had a record player (and she definitely wasn't playing Wiz Khalifa). I know that what's old is cool again, but the idea of a music box is still pretty old school to me. Anyway, this music box from Oreo is really cool. Best of all? You can use actual Oreos to listen to Wiz Khalifa's newest track for the campaign. To pump the jams, place the cookie side of the Oreo on the turntable. This will play "Stay Playful" in full, according to Oreo. But, if you put the creme side down, the music box will play the instrumental version of the song. To switch back to the lyrics version of the song, open up the Oreo and place it the cookie side down on the turntable.

In addition to the new song and limited edition music box, Wiz Khalifa and Oreo have also collaborated on a 30-second commercial. The advertisement, which is slated to air during the 61st Grammy Awards ceremony, features Wiz Khalifa and his 5-year-old son, Sebastian. The teaser for the commercial shows the two hanging out at home and having a good time. It's pretty freaking adorable. You can totally tell how much Sebastian adores his dad. Most of all, the commercial serves as a reminder from Oreo and Wiz Khalifa to "stay playful."

The 2019 Grammy Awards will air on CBS beginning at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, Feb. 10. I can't guarantee that you'll win a music box, but it certainly doesn't hurt to enter. You've got to play to win, right? Right. Good luck.

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