You Could Win A Trip To Belgium For Spring Break, Thanks To Hoegaarden's New Contest

Courtesy of Hoegaarden

Whenever I think about a serene spring break, I think about beaches, palm trees, fruity mixed drinks, and sunshine. However, vacays aren't always stress free. They usually involve tons of planning and budgeting, which are two things that aren't exactly "easy-breezy." Thankfully, Hoegaarden — the wheat beer company that you know and love — is offering a stress-free spring break trip that'll help you slow down. The trip itself is to Hoegaarden, Belgium (naturally), and you'll have to enter a contest in order to win it. If you're wondering how to win a trip to Hoegaarden, Belgium, take a seat and follow along. The process is super easy.

Hoegaarden announced its Hoegaarden Slowed Down Spring Break contest on Wednesday, April 17, which is the same day that entries opened up to the public. In order to enter the contest, head to Hoegaarden's website that's dedicated to the vacay. Once you're there, you'll be asked to enter your birthday for access to the site (you need to be at least 25 years old to enter). Then, you'll be taken to a webpage where you can officially enter the contest for a chance to win a relaxing Belgium spring break.

The page itself will provide tons of information about the trip (which I'll get to in a moment). However, if you scroll down, you should see a space where you can enter the contest. That portion of the site will ask for your basic details, but it'll also ask you about your "ideal" way of spending spring break. Think long and hard about your answer, because it might help you score a free vacay to Hoegaarden. After you come up with the perfect response, hit "SUBMIT" and cross your fingers.

Courtesy of Hoegaarden

If you're a dedicated beach-going, palm tree-dwelling spring breaker, then you might be wondering what a Hoegaarden getaway would have in store. Thankfully, the company has already provided a vague (yet, appealing) trip itinerary on its website. According to Hoegaarden, those who win the spring break trip will get to spend time "finding shapes in the clouds," enjoying nature, traveling through cobblestone roads, and sipping on Hoegaarden wheat beer. Plus, the village of Hoegaarden sounds super easy-going, complete with greenery and "charming cafes."

Sure, it's not the beach — but I'm all for a stress-free trip stacked with good beer and relaxation.

That's not even the best part about the trip, though. Believe it or not, Hoegaarden will give each of its contest winners $1,445 to spend during the vacation. (According to the company, Hoegaarden was founded in 1445, hence the incremental payment amount.) That money doesn't include travel expenses, either. Per Hoegaarden's press release, the beer company will also cover the winners' travel and accommodation costs.

If you're hoping to enter the contest, you should act quickly. According to Hoegaarden, you'll only have until Monday, April 22 to submit your info. If you do enter the contest, make sure you're free from May 11 to May 15. That, my friends, is when the trip is taking place. Those of you who win will be able to bring a friend along, so grab a buddy and get ready for a boozy spring break with Hoegaarden. As always, drink responsibly.