Lyft Made A Big Addition To Their App Just In Time For Pride Month

Courtesy of Lyft

Recently, Lyft has been working hard to make sure its riders feel comfortable in the car. Not only has the company implemented a ton of new safety features (which I'll get to soon), but it also introduced a new capability that lets riders choose their preferred pronouns. Lyft announced the gender-neutral feature just in time for Pride Month (aka June), and it'll make your trips even more personal and welcoming. If you're wondering how to use Lyft's new gender-neutral pronouns, I'll walk you through the steps.

The first thing you'll need to do is download Lyft (if you haven't already). It's available for both iPhone and Android users, so choose the version that works for you. Once you have Lyft downloaded onto your phone, you can start the process. According to a GIF provided by Lyft, the first thing you'll need to do is open your app and click on your user profile. After that, scroll down until you see "Personal info," and then click on "Add your pronouns." When you're on that screen, you'll be able to choose which pronouns you prefer.

The pronouns you'll be able to choose from are as follows:

  • They/them/theirs
  • She/her/hers
  • He/him/his
  • My pronoun isn't listed
  • Prefer not to say

That's right: If you'd prefer gender-neutral pronouns (on and off the app), you can choose them on Lyft. It's a total game-changer in the rideshare world, if you ask me.

Courtesy of Lyft

Now, you're probably wondering what Lyft drivers are going to do once you choose your preferred pronouns. Apparently, they're going to start using them while referencing you in the future, per Tech Crunch. However, if you're hoping to return the favor, that might not be a possibility. Drivers won't be able to share their preferred pronouns with you, but maybe that'll change down the road.

Courtesy of Lyft

Head of Inclusion and Diversity at Lyft Monica Poindexter talked about the company's inclusive feature in an email announcing the news. She said, "At Lyft, one of our core values is 'Be Yourself' and we’re dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where that’s possible - both in our workplace and on our platform. Through Lyft’s Gender Inclusion & Affirmation Policy, we’ve made the commitment to continually assess and evolve our workplace policies and practices."

Courtesy of Lyft

Lyft's new pronoun feature is sure to make riders feel more accepted and comfortable, and I'm all for it. Speaking of comfort, the app recently introduced various safety features that'll make trips feel more secure than ever. One of those features is an in-app "emergency assistance button," which lets riders contact 911 from the Lyft app itself. Apparently, each driver can access their own emergency assistance button from their Lyft Drivers app.

Another safety feature that Lyft recently announced is an enlarged license plate screen, which makes it easier for riders to see their driver's details. For more information on Lyft's new safety initiatives, click here.

These features — along with the capability of choosing gender-neutral pronouns — will make future Lyft rides equally comfortable and personal. Choose your preferred pronouns and buckle up.