This Is The FaceApp Filter Everyone Is Using To Make Themselves Look Older

If you've been on social media the past couple of days, chances are you've seen people sharing older versions of themselves all over your Facebook and Instagram feeds. With celebrities like Drake, the Jonas brothers, and Cardi B getting in on the fun, you might be thinking about jumping on the bandwagon and seeing what you'd look like in a few decades, with wrinkles and graying hair. Ready to get started? Here's how to use FaceApp's Aging Filter for the FaceApp Challenge if you're ready to take a virtual trip to the future.

If you've heard of FaceApp before, you might have given the AI photo editor a try when it first went viral back in 2017. At the time, the app came under fire because of features allowing people to transform from one ethnicity to another. Now, it's taking over social media platforms once again due to one filter's ability to make users appear younger or older — with simultaneously hilarious and disturbing results.

You've probably seen your friends and celebrities alike temporarily aging themselves in the name of good fun, and I wouldn't blame you if you're at least a little curious about what you'd look like with some wrinkles, sun spots, and gray hair. If you're ready to get in on the so-called FaceApp challenge and start sharing your results to your feed, here's how to get started.

First of all, you'll want to launch FaceApp in order to access the feature, as well as a host of other fun filters. Once you're in the AI photo editor, you'll see a view of your camera with an overlay where you'll want to position your face. Once you position your face in the overlay, it'll disappear. Once you're satisfied with how your face is framed on your camera, you can tap the shutter, and FaceApp will alert you that it is processing the image. (You can also upload a photo to use for the filter.) From there, you can swipe through a variety of different filters until you find the one that's labeled "Old." Tap the filter, and you'll get to see the weird and completely hilarious snapshot of what you'll potentially look like a few decades from now. From there, you can share the image to your heart's desire across your social media platforms of choice.

Just one thing to keep in mind: A number of users have expressed concerns about the potential privacy issues with the app. According to the fine print from the FaceApp user agreement, which several users shared to Twitter, you'll be giving the developers permission to use your photos, your name, your username, and your likeness, voice, or persona for any purpose. It also doesn't indicate what it could potentially plan to do with the data that is collected.

Still, considering that you probably have Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other apps on your phone, many developers have countered the concerns by revealing that the privacy concerns associated with the photo editor don't seem to be any more serious than that of any other platform you might be using, according to Forbes.

So, if you've always wondered what you'd look like with some extra years added to your visage, I'd check out the FaceApp Challenge sooner rather than later and share your own hilarious results to your feed.