Here's How To Stream 'Pose,' Because You Need To Watch ASAP

by Ani Bundel

The 2019 Emmy Awards held a few surprises for those who tuned into the ceremony. The biggest series of the night was Fleabag, which dominated in the comedy category. But the biggest winner of the evening was Billy Porter's win for his role as Pray Tell in Pose. Porter is the first openly gay African American winner to take home Lead Actor for a Drama in Emmy history. Here's how to stream Pose so viewers can catch his stunning performance that led to this historic win.

As someone who watches and reviews TV and movies for a living, I rarely get evangelical when trying to convince people to watch this or that series or see X or Y film. For instance, I am a diehard Game of Thrones fan. But I would never insist that someone who has never seen it sit down and watch. The show may be for me, but I know it's not for everyone. In this era of "Peak TV" when there's so much to watch, I believe that people should see what they enjoy first, and maybe catch other things later.

But when it comes to Pose, I am a converted zealot. I am knocking on your door, asking if you've heard the good word about Pose today. In terms of Ryan Murphy's work, this series is the pinnacle of his career so far. It combines his love of over the top drama, musical performances, and bringing a historical era to life into one perfect fantasy package.

So have you heard the good word about Pose today?

The 1980s-era set series tells the story of the New York ballroom scene at the height of the AIDS crisis. It focuses on a found family of trans and gay people of color, who form The House of Evangelista and walk the ballroom competitions every week. Starring Mj Rodriguez, Billy Porter, Indya Moore, and Dominique Jackson, the series follows the hopes and dreams of those just trying to survive in a world that refuses to acknowledge them.

When it first aired on FX in the summer of 2018, Pose episodes weren't easy to get ahold of for those not already watching. But there's excellent news for audiences looking to check the series out. In May of 2019, the first season, which consists of eight one-hour episodes, began streaming on Netflix. It can be binged in a single day, so there's no excuse not to sit down and devour it.

The show's arrival on Netflix was well-timed, as Season 2 of Pose began airing a month later in June. FX increased the episode order for the second round, with 10 installments altogether. The finale aired just before Labor Day. Like Season 1, this new season, set in the early 1990s, will also eventually find its way to Netflix. But for those who cannot wait, the episodes are available via FX streaming through mid-October.

Pose Season 3 has been confirmed by FX and is expected to arrive in the summer of 2020. Until then, sit yourself down and experience the world of Pose. You won't regret it.