You can now share Spotify Canvas art on Snapchat.

You Can Now Share Spotify Songs With Video Clips On Snapchat For Seriously Cool Snaps

Courtesy of Spotify

Spotify is making it easier to customize how you share the music you love with your Snapchat followers. Instagram users have had the ability to nix a song's static album art in favor of Spotify's eight-second "Canvas" visual loops since summer 2020, and now, Snapchat users can jump on the bandwagon. Want to try the feature for yourself? Here's how to share Spotify Canvas art on Snapchat for a more immersive Snap Story experience.

While Spotify has allowed Snapchat users to post what they were listening to on their Snap Stories since September 2019, only Instagram users have been able to post video-art previews of songs, aka Canvas art, to their Stories instead of static track pages with an image of the cover art — until now.

For a cool audio and visual mash-up, iOS and Android users can head to Spotify to share a song's corresponding Canvas art on their Snap Stories, making for a much more engaging experience for both you and your followers. Keep in mind that while the audio of the song won't play in the Snap Story preview, your followers will be able to tap the Canvas to get taken to Spotify, where they'll then be able to listen to the song with the video Canvas playing on loop in the background

To take advantage of the feature, you'll first want to make sure you have Spotify downloaded on your phone and that you have the latest version of the app and Snapchat downloaded to your mobile device if you don't already.


Next, you'll want to open your Spotify app and choose a song, album, artist, or playlist that you want to share on your Snap Story. Once you've found one, tap the "..." icon that's located at the top right corner of your screen. Next, tap share, and you should see a preview of what the Canvas page would look like on your Snap Story. Select Snapchat to be taken to your Snapchat app, then hit the "+" button icon in the left corner to share to your Story.

As you look to up your Snap game, keep in mind that not all songs have Canvas art, and the feature will only show up if the artist created the eight-second looping video. While there's a chance you won't see the updated feature on Snapchat depending on which song you pick, you can check to see if it has the feature when you choose to share it from Spotify. If a Canvas art video is available for a song, it'll play on a short loop video in the "Now Playing" view of your Spotify app. From there, you can go ahead and share it to Snapchat for some dynamic Snaps hyping your fave tunes.