Here's How To Pick The Right Sunglasses, According To Celebrity Stylist Brad Goreski

by Ani Bundel
KEF Media

Happy National Sunglasses Day! With the arrival of summertime, fashion turns its attention to lighter fabrics, lighter colors, and looks that scream "fun in the sun." According to Brad Goreski, famous for his stint on E!'s Fashion Police, those who want to stay on trend: Bold is where it's at. But his best tips for summer are how to pick the right sunglasses.

Goreski's work judging and styling stars for the red carpet help him get a look at trends before they hit stores. In an interview for Elite Daily, he tells me, "[It's] a great place to test the temperature of what's going to be on trend, season to season." He's got some great fashion tips for what to shop for to stay looking fresh and hot: "This summer, I'm really loving both color and florals, but I think one of the biggest trends — and a trend that everybody can participate in — is sunglasses."

Most people think of sunglasses as an optional accessory, or perhaps an item to keep in the car in case you find yourself driving into the sunset. But Goreski wants everyone to know sunglasses are as essential as sunscreen. As he puts it: "I think sunglasses are where fashion meets function."

"The Vision Council suggests that we wear our sunglasses all the time when we're outside because we really want to protect our eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Our sunglasses are our way of doing that, but also on the other side of that, we want to be wearing and picking sunglasses that complement our face and reflect our personal style," Goreski says.

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As for how to pick sunglasses that look right for you:

"I have a rule called 'The Opposites Attract Rule.' If you have a round face, you're going to wear a square frame. So if you know the shape of your face, try the opposite shape of that. Usually, that's a great way to pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses."

Goreski's biggest tip is to consider how sunglasses look on you, rather than how they might look on someone else:

"I think the number one mistake is finding a frame that's not complementary to your face. I think also a lot of people think that sunglasses have to break the bank and cost a lot of money. But the great thing about this trend is that there are so many different style options in all different price points. Absolutely everybody can participate in this and get themselves a great pair of sunglasses."

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National Sunglasses Day was first started back in 2017 by The Vision Council as a way to raise awareness of how important sunglasses are in helping protect one's eyes from the sun's UV rays. It was an overwhelming success on social media, and Goreski is helping spread the message of good eye health while celebrating your favorite pair of "sunnies" on Twitter and Instagram:

"We're encouraging people to post a selfie of themselves on social media in their favorite sunglasses and hashtag it #SunglassSelfie and #NationalSunglassesDay, and tag the Vision Council."

For more information, you can go to The Vision Council's website and check out the National Sunglasses Day campaign.