Google's Delivery Feature Makes Ordering Food Online SO Easy

Since I was little, I've had a major affinity for cooking. But sometimes, after a full day of work, a high intensity gym sesh, and maybe a drink with an old friend, whipping together a quick and healthy meal seems like a total lost cause... which makes ordering in almost too enticing. So, you could imagine my relief when I heard you can now use Google to order food to your doorstep. And if you, too, shamelessly order in from time to time, here's how to order food delivery with Google on those extra lazy evenings.

When ordering for delivery or pickup, choosing from a third-party site can be nearly impossible. But now, you can use Google Search or Maps, which will pull several ordering options from sites like DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, ChowNow, and (very soon!) Zuppler, according to a press release. If you would like to use this glorious feature, all you have to do is click the “Order Online” button that will automatically come up in Search or Maps when you search for a specific restaurant or type of cuisine. Then, tap through your options, view your delivery or pickup times, and check out with Google Pay. Yes, it's seriously that simple. Honestly, it's about to make ordering in a little too easy.

On the other hand, if you have a Google device, you'll be happy to know that Google Assistant can also take care of ordering dinner. If you would like to do so, simply say, “Hey Google, order food from [your choice of restaurant].” Then, once you've done this once or twice, you will be able to quickly reorder your favorite bite via certain delivery partners by saying, “Hey Google, reorder food from [said restaurant].” The Assistant will pull up all of your past orders from the location, allowing you to select your dish of choice. Both of these features will be available in most cities throughout the United States.

Similarly, Facebook released an ordering feature back in October 2017. The popular social media site partnered with a number of well-known restaurant chains, and integrated their menus and systems onto the platform. If a restaurant is — in fact — part of the system, you'll be able to click "Start Order" and place your pickup or delivery order straight through the app. It's pretty neat and incredibly easy, especially if you don't want to crowd your phone storage with a ton of food delivery apps.

While cooking is always a fun and cathartic part of my daily life, sometimes, ordering food is practically unavoidable. And to make life a little easier, now you can order from hundreds of different restaurants from a variety of delivery sites, via Google, Google Maps, or even your Google Assistant. Honestly, it might make ordering food a little too easy... so if you need a little extra motivation in the kitchen, make sure to check out these five easy weeknight meals. They're almost as easy as ordering in. Almost.