Wildfires Are Spreading Across California, & Here's How To Help Those Affected

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The past few months have truly taken a toll on the picturesque California landscape. On July 23, an 80,000-acre started and fire spread across Shasta County in Northern California, impacting so many lives and forcing them to evacuate as of July 30. So, for those wondering how to help victims of the California wildfires, here's a rundown on how to get involved.

As of July 30, there were 17 separate wildfires burning across California, covering over 200,000 acres, according to The Los Angeles Times. On July 23, wildfires spread across Northern California's Shasta County and spread across the region. As of that date, the Shasta County wildfire alone has killed at least six people, displaced more than 38,000 individuals in the area, and at least seven people are currently missing, according to ABC 7. Many of the fires are only minimally contained, with the Ferguson fire only 30 percent contained, the Carr fire 20 percent contained, and the Ranch fire and the River fire only 10 percent contained as of July 30, according to the LA Times. As a result, residents have been left without shelter, food, money, and some are even still searching for loved ones also impacted by the wildfire.

Once news broke of the wildfires, and how it's continuing to grow, a number of organizations created ways to help these victims which include donations, housing, and aid requests. Tragedies such as these are truly unimaginable, but it's up to the public to step up and attempt to help as best as they can. So, here's how you can do your part to help those affected.

Visit These GoFundMe Pages
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Following the California wildfires, a number of verified GoFundMe campaigns have surfaced to help those impacted by this tragedy. Most of the campaigns are for those who completely lost their homes from these fires, but the GoFundMe page also provides resources to those looking for additional information about the fire as well as the number of the missing persons hotline.

Donate To The Community Disaster Relief Fund
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The Shasta Regional Community Foundation has opened a fund that accepts donations in response to the fires in Northern California. According to their website, all donations will be directed to those affected by the wildfires in a two-step process, in regards to both short term and longterm relief, which includes helping both individual victims as well as rebuilding structures destroyed in the fire.

In addition, these donations can be tax deductible to "the fullest extent allowed by law," according to the foundation. So, there's basically no reason not to donate.

Foster Animals Displaced By The Fires
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Wildfires don't only impact human beings, a number of animals are displaced constantly following these tragedies. Following the Shasta County wildfire, Haven Humane Society evacuated up to 600 cats and dogs that were family pets of these Northern California communities. Thankfully, a number of volunteers have showed up to help the animal shelter out with caring for this influx of animals. According to Haven Heaven Society chief executive officer Mark Storrey, the number of volunteers at the shelter have risen from 90 to 150. Volunteering is key in order to help out these displaced pets. However, in order to ensure that more animals can be taken in when needed, fostering these pets can help create more space in the shelter.

Donate To The Salvation Army
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In response to the California wildfires, charitable organization Salvation Army has made efforts to provide aid to those displaced. Through their work, they've provided food, shelter, clothing, and more to these families and have deployed five emergency disaster service teams to the area. In order to keep this good work going, people can donate whatever they want and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the wildfire relief.

Sadly, this is just one of a few wildfires that have occurred over the past few months. In December 2017, wildfires spread across Southern California's Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. Many residents are still trying to rebuild their lives following the natural disaster.

For the families affected, anything helps. Even if you can't help out much, a little truly goes a long way.