The 'Selling Sunset' Instagram filter helps you find out which character you are on the show.

This ‘Selling Sunset’ IG Filter Will Reveal Which Character You Are, So Let The Drama Begin

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Now that Season 3 of Selling Sunset has dropped on Netflix, it's the perfect time for fans to take their love of the show to Instagram Story. Instagram's latest augmented reality filter lets viewers channel their inner Amanza or Christine — and share their results with their followers. Here’s how to get the Selling Sunset Instagram filter and find out which Oppenheim Group real estate broker is your virtual doppelgänger.

If you've tried Instagram's "Which Character Are You" AR filters, you know the drill. Just like the others, you'll first see a virtual sign affixed above your head. Once you tap the record button, the picker will cycle through different characters from the show until it lands on your Selling Sunset persona. Keep in mind that the filter works by randomly assigning you a character, so if you're not happy with your choice, you can always exit out and try the filter again before sharing your results with your friends.

To find the filter, you have a few different options. The easiest way is to find it on cast member Christine Quinn's Instagram account on your mobile device. Tap the smiley face icon that's between the grid and her tagged icons, and you'll see the Selling Sunset filter. From there, you can choose to try it, save it for later, or send it to someone else via Direct Message. Once you choose to try it, you'll be taken to your Instagram Story's selfie camera and, after recording your results, can share with your friends or on your Story.

Another way to find the filter is to go to your Instagram Story's selfie camera and scroll through the filters carousel until you see "browse effects." From there, you can search "Selling Sunset" in the search bar located at the top right hand corner, and then try it out from there.

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Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to confirm if and when a Season 4 of the hit reality TV show will be heading to the streaming service, as well as which stars are slated to come back if the show is renewed. In a phone interview with Variety on Aug. 20, showrunner Adam DiVello said he thought it would be possible for the crew to film while taking precautions due to the pandemic.

When asked how they'd make this happen, he said, "Netflix has other shows that are in production or are ramping up, and I think that we’ll have to follow their protocol. We have a really small crew on this show, believe it or not. It’s typically under 40 people so I don’t think we’d have a problem social distancing or keeping six feet apart from one another. Our cast, they’re rarely that close and if we have to spread their desks out six feet then [we will]. Obviously we’ll take every precaution there is and we’ll just take our time and do it when the time is right."

While filming might be pushed back due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, this Instagram filter is a fun way to share your Oppenheim Group fandom with your followers in the meantime, no drama needed.

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