This New IG Filter Is Like A Lightning Round Of Fun Questions

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Instagram is introducing a new AR filter that's making it easier for you to connect with your friends. In the same vein as the app's Question Button, the "Quiz Me" filter allows users to better engage with their followers by coming up with queries that you can answer on-screen — and it's the best time waster. If you're ready to get started and begin asking away, here's how to get the quiz Instagram Story filter.

Like many of the platform's other AR Story filters, the "Quiz Me" filter works by showing you an image of yourself with a virtual sign hanging over your head once you opt to try it. Once you tap the record option, you'll see a range of possible questions before it lands on one final choice and you're given the option to record your reaction in real time. You'll then have the option to share it with your followers, try it again and answer another question, or close out of the feature.

There are a bunch of different questions, but some that I saw were "What's something you're proud of," "What makes you feel guilty," "Who's your celebrity crush," "What minor thing makes you feel uncomfortable," and "Are you a morning person?"

Find It On The Creator's Profile

If you're ready to try the filter out for yourself, there are a few ways to go about it. The easiest route to take is to find it from your friends' Stories, but you can also opt to try it from the creator's Instagram profile, which is @hughesp1. His Highlights include one with all of the AR filters he's developed, so you can just tap through until you see the "Quiz Me" one then select "Try it" or save it.


Grab it from your friend's profile

As I mentioned earlier, trying it from a friend's profile is super easy. If you see it on someone's Instagram Story, you'll be asked if you want to save and try the feature once you tap the name of the filter at the top of the video.

You can also have a friend send it to you or send it to your followers by opening up your IG Story, tapping the filter's name, and then selecting the icon that reads "Send to."

Courtesy of Collette Reitz

Now, the Quiz Me AR filter isn't the only one out there that'll come up with questions for you to answer. I also spotted one called "Question + Answer" from user @Ethangaskill if you want to check out some different options.

Both of these AR filters are currently available on the app, so I'd check out the one you want to try out first and then start answering away.