Wondering how to get the Pillow Face filter on Instagram? You have a few options.

The "Pillow Face" IG Filter Is Going Viral With Celebs Like Sophie Turner & Ashley Benson

An Instagram filter that mimics the look of super plumped lips is taking over social media, thanks to the ~dramatic~ virtual transformation. Created by Instagram user @jhonyaugust, "Pillow Face" distorts peoples' features to give them a look meant to mimic fillers and lip plumping treatments — and people are shook by the extreme results. Here's how to get the "Pillow Face" filter on Instagram so you can share a LOL-worthy selfie.

The filter went viral on March 27 after celebrities like Sophie Turner, Ashley Benson, and Heidi Klum jumped on the trend and shared filtered selfies on Instagram and TikTok. The Pillow Face filter, which is also known as the Botox filter (although it has no official connection with the drug), virtually gives its users an over-the-top plastic surgery "makeover" complete with smoothed skin, enlarged cheeks and cheekbones, and an overfilled pout. In an Instagram post shared on April 1, creator J. Augusto (@jhonyaugust) revealed that the filter was inspired by the rise in cosmetic procedures.

In a DM, Augusto tells Elite Daily, "Pillow face is a popular name doctors give to overfilled faces." The filter creator adds, "It's called this because the face looks overly puffy and smooth." While some people are using the filter to prank their loved ones into thinking they've gotten some extreme fillers and Botox, others are just sharing the results on their Stories or TikTok to show what they'd look like with these procedures — and the results are quite a sight to see.

The easiest way to get the Pillow Face filter yourself is to find it on one of your friends' Stories, tap the name of the filter at the top, then tap on the option to try it. The second option to try it is by going to @jhonyaugust's Instagram, tapping the smiley face icon above his grid, and then tapping the "Pillow Face" option.

Although it's been about two weeks since the filter first went viral, it doesn't show signs of slowing down. Kate Hudson shared her take on the filter on April 9.

For future searches, you can also find Pillow Face by searching for the filter on your Story Camera. Once you're in selfie mode, swipe through the carousel of filters until you see the option to "Browse Effects." Tap on the Browse Effects button to get to the Effects Gallery, which houses your saved effects in addition to ones that are trending at the moment. To find Pillow Face, tap the magnifying glass in the right corner then search either the name of the effect or the creator. Once it comes up, you can tap it to try it, save it to your camera for later, or prank your friends by sending them an altered selfie with no warning.