Here's How To Get Snapchat Charms That Reward You For Snapping Friends

Courtesy of Snapchat

Snapchat has been transforming the way people communicate with each other since it was launched, and just when you think the messaging app can't possibly cook up a new way for people to have (and keep track of) conversations, it totally does. Back in November 2018, Snapchat started rolling out a new feature called Snapchat Charms, icons that help you better understand your friendships in Snapchat's digital space. Here's how to get Snapchat Charms to take your Snapchat experience to the next level and cultivate even more meaningful friendships with your Snapchat buddies.

Snapchat Charms, one of Snapchat's newer features, are icons found within Friendship profiles. According to the Snapchat website, Charms are "fun, special mementos that celebrate your friendships" and are added "based on your interactions and relationships with your friends." Depending on your relationship with certain people, you may see an array of Charms on your Friendship profile including "In Touch" Charms showing that you communicate with that person regularly or "Birthstone and Astrological Sign" Charms that show your compatibility.

Wondering how to get these magical Charms? You're in luck because I have answers for you. You can only acquire the Charms when they're added to your Friendship Profile, which happens when you interact with your friends in specific ways. For example, in order to get a "BFs" Charm on a friendship profile with someone, you have to snap that person regularly; conversely, the "It's Been A Minute" Charm reminds you to snap someone you haven't snapped recently. The Charms get added to your Friendship profile and can only be seen by you and the person who shares them — your other friends wont have access to them. According to Snapchat's description of Charms on its website, Charms change regularly to keep things fresh and interesting between you and your friends, which is definitely a huge plus. You can also find unique Charms in Group Profiles.

Courtesy of Mehak Anwar

If there are certain Charms you want to hide from any of your friendship profiles, Snapchat lets you do that. Just go to the Friendship Profile you want to alter, tap on a Charm to expand it, tap the icon with three vertical dots, and tap "Hide Charm" for the charm to be hidden from both you and your friend. Want to restore a hidden Charm? Go to the friendship profile where you hid the charm and tap the "Hidden" button. From there, a list of Charms will pop up including the Charms you've most recently hidden, which will be at the top of your list. Tap the name of the Charm or Charms you want to restore and voila, they'll come right back. Only iOS users can restore Charms so if you're an Android user, definitely make sure you want to hide a Charm before you do it because there's no going back, at least for now.

Snapchat Charms are a fun way to watch relationships develop and progress on the app — plus, they're so lighthearted and fun that it's hard not to enjoy them.