Here's How To Get Papa John's Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza for your Halloween dinner.

Phew! This Pumpkin-Shaped Pizza Doesn't Actually Taste Like Pumpkin

If you thought the barrage of pumpkin products had come and gone, you'll want to ready yourself for this tasty Halloween offer. After you've figured out how to get Papa John's pumpkin-shaped pizza, you'll be happy to know you won't be biting into pumpkin spice 'za. Thankfully, its likeness to the seasonal squash is exclusive to the shape of the pumpkin.

Papa John's has made selling pumpkin-shaped pizzas a Halloween tradition. It was available last year, but if you missed out, you can easily grab one this year. According to the official website page, Papa John's describes its Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza as a thin crust pizza "decorated like a Halloween pumpkin with a pepperoni border and smiley face," which you can get "made to order" and "delivered to your door at a price to suit any Ghoul or Goblin." The pumpkin-shaped pizza from Papa John's also has two little black olive slices in the center of its eyes to create pupils.

Surprisingly, the Papa John's pumpkin-shaped pizza only sells for $11, and it's available at participating locations nationwide through Oct. 31, so you can grab one for your Halloween bash.

To order one of these spooky season gems, you'll need to go to the Papa John's website. There are technically two ways you can order the pumpkin pizza, but the easiest way is to locate the Promo Code box on the right-hand side of the page. Enter the promo code "JACKOLANTERN." Then, you'll be taken to a page with the selected promotion and you can click "apply and customize." There aren't too many customizations you can do on this deal, but you can modify the bake and amount of pizza sauce you'd like, but you can't remove any of the specialty toppings this way.

You can also order the pizza by going to the main page of Papa John's website and clicking on the Specials tab at the top. You should be brought to the page of promotions, where the cute Jack-O'-Lantern pizza is sitting on top of the list. Click "add to cart." Then, you can go to your cart and click "edit" if you'd like to customize anything you're able to change. If you're having a larger party, then Papa John's has a Jack-O'-Lantern pizza deal for you. Enter the Promo Code TRICKORTREAT or go to the Papa John's Party tab under the Menu selection to score five large single topping pizzas, three bread sides of your choice, three desserts, and a Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza. The deal feeds 15 people or more for just $80. Bread items you can choose from are garlic knots, two types of bread sticks, and cheese sticks. Desserts include a chocolate chip cookie, cinnamon pull-aparts, and double chocolate chip brownies.

If for some reason the Papa John's pumpkin-shaped pizza is unavailable in your area, you will be notified online through the system when you try to add it to your cart for carryout or delivery from your selected store. Find a Papa John's near you with its online location finder.

The Papa John's pumpkin-shaped pizza is probably the cutest pizza you'll find this Halloween, and if you're having a party, it's a super festive (and not pumpkin-flavored) choice that everyone will love.