=BTS' Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo DVD will be available for pre-order on Nov. 27

BTS' New 'Speak Yourself In Sao Paulo' DVD Promo Will Make You So Emotional


Every time the BTS ARMY thinks they've finally recovered from their post-concert blues, Big Hit announces another BTS concert DVD that brings fans' precious concert memories back. Each stop on BTS' world tours is special, and so far, fans had the opportunity to watch a few of BTS' concerts in DVD form, including their first-ever U.S. stadium date at Citi Field in NYC. Now, BTS is letting fans relive another momentous tour stop: Sao Paulo, Brazil. With all the BTS content coming fans' way, it may be difficult keeping track of where and when to get certain pieces of merchandise, so if you're wondering how to get BTS' Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo DVD, know it's coming very soon.

On May 25 and 26, BTS performed two back-to-back shows at Allianz Parque stadium in Brazil as part of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. While fans had the opportunity to stream a few of BTS' Speak Yourself shows through VLIVE, like their London concert at Wembley Stadium and their concert in Saudi Arabia, fans only had Twitter to get snippets of BTS' concerts in Brazil. Now, that's all changing because fans everywhere will be able to watch BTS' Sao Paulo shows in full (and as many times as they want) on DVD.

On Nov. 22, Big Hit released a preview for BTS' Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo DVD. The promo teased great behind-the-scenes moments, like BTS on their flight to Brazil, checking out Allianz Parque stadium for the first time, and doing interviews backstage. Of course, the preview couldn't end without "Mikrokosmos" — BTS' finale song on their Speak Yourself tour setlist — and a lot of tears.

Watch BTS' Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo DVD preview below.

At the end of the clip, Big Hit revealed fans can pre-order the DVD beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 27, but the actual DVD won't be released until Monday, Dec. 30. Big Hit didn't specify which platform fans can order the DVD on, but it will likely be available for purchase on BTS' official merchandise shop, Weply, like the rest of their concert DVDs.

Although fans won't get the DVD in time for the holidays, they'll get it right in time for the new year. Since BTS hasn't announced a comeback or future tour dates just yet, the group's Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo DVD will have to satisfy fans' concert cravings for now.