The Queen Is Hiring Someone To Run Her Social Media, So Break Out Your Best Royal Captions

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While becoming an astronaut, cowboy, or pop star would be undeniably unreal opportunities, getting the chance to work for the Queen of the United Kingdom in all her glory sounds like a total dream come true. And if you think you might be interested in being in charge of royal communications, you'll be happy to know there's now a job opening that allows you to do so. So, if you're down to work at the one and only Buckingham Palace, here's how to apply to the Queen's Digital Communications Officer job.

Whether you're currently in the market for a new job or you just want to switch things up, now is the time to look across the pond for a job opportunity. Why? Well, Buckingham Palace is now hiring a new Digital Communications Officer, according to the official website, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't thinking about applying. According to the job posting, Buckingham Palace is looking for someone who has experience "creating and publishing digital and social media content." The applicant must be able to"manage and oversee the daily news flow on digital and social networking platforms," have a knack for photography, and possess solid communicative skills. Bottom line: you will essentially be running the Queen's social media accounts and overseeing all digital projects. TBH, it sounds really, really fun, especially since whoever gets the job will be responsible for, per the posting, "finding new ways to maintain the Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage."

As long as you have experience running high-profile websites, are confident in your knowledge of content management systems and — of course — if you're down to move to London, England, you should be a totally adequate candidate for the job. The position requires 37.5 hours of time on the job per week, and it pays £30,000 (which equals about $38,153.85), according to the job posting. It also includes benefits, a 15% employer contribution pension scheme after six months, 33 days annual leave, bank holidays, free lunch, and job training. Oh, and you'll be happy to know that applying is super easy.

To get your application going, start out by navigating to the official job posting on the Royal Family's website, or apply through LinkedIn. It will ask you to fill in various personal details, and describe your skills and experience, according to the website. There may also be questions specific to the role, so make sure to read up on what it's like to work there ahead of time. You will be able to apply through May 26, and upon applying, you will receive an email letting you know they've received your application, mapping out next steps in the application process.

Easy, right?

If you want a look at what you might be posting about, you can check out the official Royal Family Instagram account. Since May 19 is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's first wedding anniversary, the Royal Family IG account shared a sweet message and photo congratulating Meghan and Harry on their milestone. If you get the gig, locking down all the important royal milestone dates will be essential to keeping the Queen's social media up to date.

Even if you aren't in the market for a new job right now, I definitely would not pass up the glorious opportunity to apply for the position of the Royal Household's Digital Communications Officer. I mean, it's an unreal experience, and your boss would be, well, the Queen herself. If you ask me, hanging out at Buckingham Palace doesn't sound too shabby at all. Oh, and FYI, once I get this job, my first order of operations will be to start Prince George's Twitter account.