This Internship Will Actually Pay You To Sleep All Day, So You Can Be A #NapQueen

Anyone who has ever held onto any sort of long-term job can safely say working is — well — totally exhausting. Whether you work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in an office, or if you're up all night bartending, it's hard to feel consistently well-rested with such a regimented schedule. However, one company is offering a role that actually allows you to sleep on the job. So if you would like to be considered for a job that requires a full day of rest, here's how to apply to Mattress Firm's Snoozetern position.

Mattress Firm's esteemed Snoozetern will be an in-house bed tester, according to the brand. They will provide product feedback by testing mattresses, pillows, and accessories at Mattress Firm’s Houston, Texas-based "BEDQuarters." The Snoozetern will post all their product experiences to social media, create video content, attend Mattress Firm events, and interview locals on their bedtime habits.

According to the brand, the Snoozetern-ship a paid internship with a competitive salary, with an option to get university credit. It starts by mid-May 2019, requires 30 hours of work per week, and you can basically make your own schedule, depending on your availability. So basically, the perfect candidate should be super creative, extremely interested in social media — and most importantly — have a knack for napping. Sounds good, right?

Mattress Firm's Snoozetern application is relatively standard in the realm of job apps. You'll enter your personal information and attach a resume, and once the submission deadline passes (which — again — is May 3!), the team will review the submissions, before sending several finalists to interview at the brand's Houston BEDQuarters, according to the Mattress Firm website. After the in-person interviews, the top three to five finalists will be required to create a fun YouTube video explaining why they would be the best Snoozetern. Each submission will be posted to Mattress Firm's Instagram, where the brand's followers will vote on their favorite. You only have a week until to send in the app, since it will close on May 3, so get on it ASAP.

Before you send in your application to be Mattress Firm's next Snoozetern, you should probably research everything you can about each of the sleep stages. If you need your memory jogged, though, let me help you out. It all starts out with "light sleep," when your vital functions and heart rate start to slow down. After falling into light sleep, things will progress to "medium sleep," which is when your brain activity starts to decline. Then, after a while, comes deep sleep, when it's harder for you to wake up, and your muscles find time to start repairing themselves. Finally, comes Dream Sleep or REM Sleep, when your brain starts to dream. Bottom line: sleep is the greatest, and the human body is seriously amazing.

Well y'all, it looks like you're more than ready to apply to Mattress Firm's Snoozetern-ship. So prepare yourself to start testing some solid sleepy-time products, put those social media skills to the test, and most importantly, up your sleep game to the next level. IDK about you, but this is totally my dream job (LOL).