This Job Will Pay You $10,000 To Travel To The Prettiest Locations To Name Paint Colors

Courtesy Of Behr Paint

Many millennials — at some point in their lives — have wished they could travel the world for a living. And North America-based paint company Behr is making that a reality for one lucky person with an entirely new adventure-based role. So, if you would like to be considered for the brand's dream position, here's how to apply to Behr Paint's "Color Explorer" job. You literally get paid to explore North America, seeking out new travel-inspired paint colors.

Behr is looking for a creative, adventurous candidate to travel across the United States and Canada to find inspiration for actual paint colors, according to the brand's press release. And whether you choose to kayak through Banff's Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada, or you decide to take inspo from Rainbow Row in Charleston, South Carolina, you're sure to find the locations will strike some inspiration. Then, you'll develop and name the colors alongside the brand's Color Marketing team at Behr's headquarters in Orange County, California. Your travel and lodging will be totally paid for, and you'll also be compensated with a whopping $10,000. Not bad, right?

In addition to finding new colors, according to the press release, you will also be required to talk to locals to gain additional insight, capture detailed field notes and photos of your experiences, and post to the brand's social media pages, as well as their Colorfully BEHR Blog.

So, how do you get this dream gig? To apply, simply navigate to Behr's Color Explorer page, and tell them what colors inspire you most in 150 words or less. You'll want to apply between April 24 and May 15, and keep in mind that you must be 21 years of age, as well as a resident of either the U.S. or Canada with a valid passport. You will be notified of whether or not you got the job by May 23, so keep a lookout for that glorious email, and have that bag packed.

Courtesy of Behr Paint

In the press release, Jodi Allen, Behr's Chief Marketing Officer, expressed her belief that this project will not only help them find a wider variety of more creative colors, but they will also be able to connect with a wider variety of people across North America.

According to the press release, Allen said:

Just as much as we want our consumers to connect with Behr, we also want our brand to connect with consumers—and the Behr Color Explorer initiative does this. We’re not only giving the individual the tools and resources to find, experience and cultivate color, but also showing them how to creatively think about each color they find and their stories from our brand’s perspective.

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I know a lot of people want to be Behr's new Color Explorer, but honestly, I am so tempted to apply. If you end up being the one that gets it, you'd best believe I'll be Insta-stalking all your travels. So good luck, and most importantly, safe travels!