Chrissy Got Real About How She Bribes Luna Into Taking Photos For The 'Gram

Lars Niki/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Luna Stephens isn't a fan of the camera. While Chrissy Teigen and John Legend post the most gorgeous photos of Luna and their son, Miles, the little girl doesn't let her parents take her picture without getting something in return. Sure, they may be one of the most famous families in the world, but the way Chrissy Teigen bribes Luna into taking photos is so normal.

Fans would have never guessed from looking at Teigen and Legend's Instagram pages that Luna absolutely despises having her picture taken. Teigen and Legend are known to flood social media with adorable posts of their kids that their followers adore. Almost daily, Luna is front and center performing, hamming it up for the camera, or posing for a selfie with her proud mama. But while the pictures and videos seem so candid and flawless, Teigen explained to People magazine that snapping a pic of her daughter isn't so simple.

“She definitely hates photos, paparazzi, anything,” Teigen explained. “She does everything you see on my Instagram for a quarter or a Sour Patch Kid.” Bravo, Luna. Bravo. I've got to say that's one smart kid already.

Fans love all the Luna and Miles content Teigen and Legend provide, but, of course, their posts are often met with criticism from online trolls. Teigen shared that she's learned to not take all of the negative comments to heart, but that doesn't mean she can always look past the hate.

“It’s gotten better for sure,” Teigen explained. “I would love to be able to say that it doesn’t get to me at all but you start to gain this sort of empathy for people. You understand that not necessarily everything they say comes from a bad place."

When it comes to her bond with Luna, Teigen isn't just the bearer of candy and quarters. "Now Luna and I could not be more close," she said. "I wouldn’t be the mom I am now with Miles if Luna hadn’t given me those tougher times at the beginning. And now I know how close we are so it helps a lot.”

Time for Teigen to partner up with Sour Patch Kids and make sure she's always got a roll of quarters on hand, because fans need their daily dose of Luna.