Here's Everyone The Cast Of 'This Is Us' Is Dating IRL, So Grab Your Tissues

by Ginny Hogan
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Do you watch This Is Us with a box of tissues every week? That's truly the only appropriate viewing companion (unless you have a tiny kitten or all of the snacks). As much sadness as the show brings me, it also brings me an intense joy, and so I'm happy to hear about the cast members' personal joy. As might be obvious, I'm pretty excited to know who everyone the cast of This Is Us is dating, and I'm excited to share this info with you.

In real life, their love lives aren't quite as intertwined as they are on the show (I mean, why wouldn't the Pearsons date each other's spouse's cousins? And ex's best friends?). But they're still fascinating, and I like to imagine Mandy Moore goes on dates with the song Moonshadow playing quietly in the background every. single. time. For people who provide us with heart-warmth and tear-jerks every week, I can only imagine their own love lives are filled with intense passion and probably a few words of wisdom expertly delivered at about minute 38. And maybe some kittens, but tiny ones.

Read on find out who everyone in the Pearson and Pearson-adjacent clan are dating IRL.

Sterling K. Brown And Ryan Michelle Bathe: 10 Years Of Love
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Sure, Randall and Beth are great together, but Sterling K. Brown's wife of ten years, Ryan Michelle Bathe, proves that there's more than one incredibly photogenic person to be pictured with for all of us.

Justin Hartley And Chrishell Stause: Recently Married
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Hartley tied the knot with actress Chrishell Stause in 2017 (the ceremony was allegedly small — I wasn't personally invited). Unlike his character on the show, he didn't marry his childhood sweetheart or date his sister-in-law's off-limits cousin, but he found love anyway.

Milo Ventimiglia And Kelly Egarian: High Fashion
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Thank god Ventimiglia is alive and well IRL. He's been linked in the past to costars Hayden Panettiere and Alexis Bledel (Jess was her best boyfriend, I won't hear otherwise), and he's currently dating fashion marketer Kelly Egarian.

Susan Kelechi Watson: A Woman Of Mystery
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The This Is Us star plays the strong mother of two, and she's strong and silent in her personal life as well. She hasn't revealed who she's dating, but she did promise me that when she does go public with it, I'll be the first to know.

Mandy Moore And Taylor Goldsmith: A Musical Love
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Moore is an incredibly talented musician, both in the show and in her own life. She was married to Ryan Adams for five years but in 2017 got engaged to another musician. Taylor Goldsmith. I personally would love if she sang at my wedding!

Chrissy Metz And Hal Rosenberg: Loving The Beach
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Metz kept it in the This Is Us family for a while with cameraman from the show Josh Stancil, but she's currently dating the composer Hal Rosenfeld. She's taken to Instagram before to share a picture of them on the beach.

Chris Sullivan And Rachel Reichard: Smitten
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From his Instagram, Sullivan seems as smitten in real life with his filmmaker wife Rachel Reichard as Toby is with Kate on the show. Married for six years, he still regularly posts about how much he loves her. With his warmth and love, I'd only imagine she feels the same way!

Jon Huertas And Nicole Bordges: Not His Best Friend's Wife
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Unlike Miguel on This Is Us, Huertas didn't marry his best friend's ex. Instead, he married the beautiful Nicole Bordges in 2014, and they're still together.

Do you cry at weddings? Even if you don't (who are you??), you're sure to sob about every five minutes watching This Is Us. And the cast's love lives IRL are just as varied and beautiful as their characters on the show, so if you're not sure you can stomach a sob-sesh tonight, try stalking their Instagrams instead. It's still fantastic content!

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