You Can Fly To London For $149 This February For An Affordable European Vacay

Travel is definitely at the top of my New Year's resolutions list. I'm always pining to pack my bags and getaway, but the cost of flying is usually what keeps me from buying my plane ticket. Like traveling, padding my bank account was also at the top of my 2019 goals list. What I'm trying to say is that traveling and saving money usually don't go hand-in-hand. Luckily, I've scoped out some very affordable flight deals that will make your wanderlust heart (and your wallet) very happy. Here are the best places to fly in February 2019 for an amazing getaway.

I reached out to several different airline companies, as well as Expedia to see which destinations are among the best places to travel in February. The list includes major domestic metropolitan cities like Chicago and New York. If you've been there done that and want are eyeing an international trip, you'll be happy to see that a few European destinations also made the cut.

Travel is like therapy for me. Nothing clears my head and refreshes my overall mindset like a trip to somewhere new — or just getting out of my own city for a couple of days. I don't know what it is about travel, but it is seriously good for my personal mental health. Travel has also been found to reduce stress and improve your cardiovascular health. If you've been saving up that PTO for a while, February is the time to use it. Take a look below for the six best places to travel in February 2019. As note, all prices are accurate as of Saturday, Jan. 12.

Chicago, Illinois
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According to Expedia, flights to Chicago are the cheapest in February. I was able to find one-way flights to Chicago for starting at the very low price of $39.29 departing from Orlando, and about $10 more for those traveling from Atlanta. There are plenty more affordable flights where those came from. Check the Spirit Airlines website to see if your departure city is included.

Sadly, you won't be able to catch a Cubs game during the month of February. But, there are plenty of other fun things to do like visit the Willis Tower Skydeck (always a thrill) or dine at some of the city's best Italian restaurants located in Chicago's Little Italy. Make sure to back your warmest coat, though, as February temps don't get much warmer than the mid to upper 30s in Chicago.

New York, New York
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Like Chicago, February is also one of the cheapest times to fly to New York City, according to Expedia. Right now, Spirit Airlines has flights as low as $213 roundtrip from Los Angeles to New York City. If you're departing from Chicago, you can book a fare for $91 roundtrip in early February.

For the first eight days of February, NYC Restaurant Week 2019 will be going on. This is an optimal time to visit NYC and sample some of the finest dishes that New York chefs have to offer. Two-course meals will cost $26 and three-course meals are priced at $43 per person.

London, England
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London is just a quick plane ride across the pond. And by quick, I mean it's at least a 7.5 to 8 hour flight from New York. That's OK though because London makes up for it with it's charming brick streets, delightful fish and chip options, and historic landmarks.

You probably won't catch a glimpse of the royals while you're there, but it will all still be worth it. Especially if you book a flight on WOW Airlines. Right now, the budget air carrier is offering flights from the U.S. to London's Gatwick Airport starting at $149.99 each way.

Paris, France
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The City of Lights is hands down my favorite place. Think about it. France is home to fine wines, amazing cheeses, and incredible history, art, and architecture. If you haven't been to Paris, I highly recommend you check out these affordable flight deals from WOW Airlines.

Currently, WOW Airlines is offering fares to Paris starting at $149.99 each way for the month of February. Europe tends to fill up with tourists in the warm summer months, so February is an ideal time to see the sights but avoid the crowds.

St. George's, Bermuda
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According to Expedia's 2018 Year in Travel report, Bermuda is the place to be in the early part of the year. February is still relatively low-key and there aren't many tourists around. This means that you can bask in the sun on a (mostly) empty beach without having to worry about being bombarded by other tourists. Flights start at $313 roundtrip to St. George's, Bermuda.

The average high in Bermuda hangs right around 68 degrees for the month of February, so pack your best swimsuit and sunnies for a beach getaway.

Maui, Hawaii
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Even if you live on the West Coast, Hawaii is still quite a hike. I've never been to the Aloha State and it's pretty high up there on my list of places to travel. Expedia recommends a trip to Maui, the largest of the four Hawaiian islands, because of the destination's year-round warm weather. There's plenty of shoreline, blue water, scenic drives, and small towns to explore during your stay. The Magic Isle of Hawaii has so much to offer.

Right now, Hawaiian Airlines is running an airfare deal with flights departing from California. You will need to purchase your ticket no later than Monday, Jan. 14 for travel between Jan. 21 and March 13.

Make sure you snag these travel deals ASAP. I know 2019 just got started, but time is already flying, and February is just around the corner.

Oh, and a quick travel tip from me to you: Always be sure to read the fine print of each flight. There's nothing worse than booking a ticket only to find out that there are massive flight change fees involved or you will have to pay a small fortune to check your bags. Now, go back your suitcase. Bon voyage!