4 Best Zodiac Signs To Flirt With, So Break Out Your Best Game

How strong is your flirting game? Do you tend to feel awkward and stumble over your words when you try talking to someone you're attracted to? Or does it seem like you have natural chemistry with just about everyone, so talking to them and flirting is no big deal? If you consider yourself to be in the latter group, chances are you're also one of the best zodiac signs to flirt with. These are the folks who just have an effortless charisma, and actually enjoy talking to new people and getting to know them; those who naturally draw people in as if by magnets into their orbit, and leave them charmed, intrigued, and wanting more.

If that's not you, chances are you know someone who has this talent for flirting, and watching an expert in the wooing arts work their effortless magic is pretty impressive actually. But how do they do it? As it turns out, they may be getting a little extra help from the stars, because they happen to be born under a sign that just has a natural talent for seduction. So, whether you're a great flirt or just want to find someone to flirt with, these are the signs who are usually best at it.


For a breezy air sign like Gemini, a talent for flirting is basically in their DNA. This is a sign that loves to be challenged and stimulated mentally, so the witty banter of flirting is just what they crave. This sign is also genuinely curious about other people, so they're really engaged when they're flirting. As a result, the effect of their attention can make it feel like they and the person they're chatting up are the only people in the world. It's intoxicating to be wooed by this sign because they have a way with words. Thanks to their connection with Mercury, the planet associated with communication — Gemini knows exactly how to get a desired reaction. So, get ready to be swept off your feet if a Gemini has you in their sights.

LEO (JULY 23 TO AUG. 22)

Leo, like their ruling heavenly body the Sun, exudes warmth and power — which draws people toward them. To be near a Leo is to fall under the spell of their charm. Leo loves to soak in the attention and be the center of focus, whether their audience is 1000 people strong, or just one lucky person whose caught their eye. They are genuinely loving and open people who never miss an opportunity to engage — and, let’s be honest, show off their charm. It also doesn’t hurt that when Leo turns on the charisma, they can literally watch the adoration grow in others’ eyes in real-time. So you can bet this is a sign that has mastered the art of flirting.


Libras are basically the ultimate charm bomb. This air sign oozes charisma without even realizing it's happening. In part, this is because they’re just so sociable and easygoing that it's hard not to be wooed by them and want to be around them as much as possible. Libras are naturally comfortable in any social situation and have a gift for making people laugh. Plus, this sign is uniquely skilled at finding the right balance between being openly flirty and coming on too strong, thanks to their ruling planet Venus. So, their seduction style is as subtle as it is effective.


When a Scorpio turns on the seduction, brace yourself, because this sign is bold and unafraid to express their desires. (Spoiler alert, their desire is you.) Thanks to their ruling planet, Pluto, which is associated with power, this sign tends to come on strong sometimes. In some cases, this might be off-putting, if it weren't for the balancing influence of being a water sign, which adds an air of mystery and emotion to their approach. Taken together, the overall effect is a sign that's impossible not to be intrigued by and drawn to. Plus, the confidence they exude with every word and gesture is just, well, hot — even if there's also a touch of danger to this sign.

While flirting may not come as easily to every sign in the zodiac, there is actually a lot we can learn by looking at those who make it seem that way. The line that connects all these signs, regardless of their approach, is confidence. So, if flirting is more of a challenge for you, work on building that confidence and the rest should follow.