This Girl Tried To Get A Date By Writing Her Number On A Ball & 6 Years Later, Someone Texted

by Candice Jalili

There are lots of ways to find love these days. You could join one of those singles running clubs so you can meet someone while you're exercising. You could create a dating app profile. You could go out with your friends and use some liquid courage to start talking to someone new. You could ask your friends to set you up with someone. And, apparently, you can also write your name and number on a softball, throw it on the beach, and wait for someone to find it and text you, like one girl did. Hayley Robbins wrote her number on a softball, tossed it onto the sand of the beach she was on, and literally waited for someone to text her. And believe it or not, six years later, it worked.

When Robbins was 12 years old, she went on a trip with her family to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, according to BuzzFeed News. She told BuzzFeed that she always wanted to do a "message in a bottle" type of thing, but unfortunately, a bottle was nowhere to be found. So instead, she worked with what she had and used her softball. "I thought it would be really cool to see if anyone ever actually would find the softball," she said. Along with her name and phone number, Robbins wrote a little note urging "cute guys" to call if they found the ball. She added, "I was just chancing it with the cute boys part, I thought it would be fun."

Well, that was six years ago, and now, Robbins is a fully grown 18-year-old woman.

About a week ago, Robbins randomly received a text one day from someone, which read, "I wanna be a superhero, guess my name." Well, you guys, SPOILER ALERT: This anonymous person said his name was Adam and that he found the softball!

Robbins posted a couple of pictures of the ball and a screenshot of Adam's text on Twitter, along with the caption, "When I went to the beach 6 YEARS AGO I wrote my name & number on a softball & threw it into the ocean & told cute guys to text me & I just got a text about it TONIGHT."

Here's their full text convo:

Hayley Robbins

About receiving this text out of the blue, Robbins told BuzzFeed News, "Right when I got the superhero text I thought 'what the heck, who is this' so I asked and when they mentioned the softball I knew right away what they were talking about."

Needless to say, the internet went wild over this story.

It even wound up making the rounds on Instagram!

People were seriously inspired.

They want this story to be turned into a movie ASAP.

But unfortunately, like most fairytales, this one was also a little too good to be true.

It turns out "Adam" was actually a woman named Kelci.

Kelci, a North Carolina native, told BuzzFeed that she came across Robbins' softball on the beach six years back. She took the ball home with her and eventually stuffed it in her closet and totally forgot about it. But according to BuzzFeed when she was doing what we all dread — cleaning out her closet — she rediscovered the ball and couldn't resist the chance to contact the number on the ball. Though, she did admit to BuzzFeed she said her name was Adam because, well, she had no idea whom she'd be texting!

"I just felt compelled to text her for some reason," Kelci told BuzzFeed News.

So maybe this isn't quite the love story we were hoping for, but hey, it's still a pretty cool story.

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