Everything Harry Has Said About 1D Over The Years Will Make You A Proud Directioner

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For years, Harry Styles made up one fifth of One Direction. While his time with the band didn't last forever, it's 6 years that he'll never forget — and those years might even end up being what he continues to be most well-known for throughout his career. While some artists split from their former groups and never look back, Harry Styles' quotes about One Direction through the years prove he's anything but bitter.

Styles quickly went from 1D frontman to a top solo artist, but his time with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne will always be something he cherishes. In fact, there have been many moments Styles has expressed how much he loved his time in the band, shared his gratitude for the boys and their success together, and dished on how loyal Directioners completely changed his life for the better.

Take a look back at all Styles' has said about One Direction through the years.

No Drama Here

Styles spoke out about the ongoing rumors of a feud between him and his former bandmates post-1D in a December 2020 interview with Variety, saying, “I think there’s a wont to pit people against each other. And I think it’s never been about that for us. It’s about a next step in evolution. The fact that we’ve all achieved different things outside of the band says a lot about how hard we worked in it.”

A Debt of Gratitude

In honor of One Direction's 10th anniversary on July 23, 2020 Styles shared a heartfelt message to his fans and former bandmates on Instagram, writing:

I've been struggling to put into words how grateful I am for everything that's happened over the last ten years. I've seen things and places that I'd only ever dreamt of when I was growing up. I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most incredible people, and gained friendships that I know I will treasure for the rest of my life. None of this would be possible without the support you've given along the way. And for that, I will be forever thankful. I just can't believe it's been ten years. Thank you to our crew, our team, and everyone else who helped us along the way. To all the fans, I love you, and I thank you with all my heart. You did it all, and you changed everything. And finally.. to the boys, I love you so much, and I couldn't be prouder of everything we achieved together. Here's to ten.

Proud of His Past

In November 2020, Styles told Vogue: "I think the typical thing is to come out of a band like that and almost feel like you have to apologize for being in it. But I loved my time in it. It was all new to me, and I was trying to learn as much as I could. I wanted to soak it in ... I think that’s probably why I like traveling now—soaking stuff up."

No Pressure, Just Pure Passion

During an August 2019 interview with Rolling Stone, Styles explained that he wasn't forced to be in 1D, and never felt like he was being kept in the band against his will. "I know it’s the thing that always happens. When somebody gets out of a band, they go, ‘That wasn’t me. I was held back.’ But it was me. And I don’t feel like I was held back at all," he shared. "It was so much fun. If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t have done it. It’s not like I was tied to a radiator."

The Potential of a Reunion Is Real

In 2017, Styles spoke to Rolling Stone about the possibility of someday reuniting with his bandmates. "I love the band and would never rule out anything in the future," he said. "The band changed my life, gave me everything."

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